EPISODE 43: How I Transformed My Coaching Business Overnight with Facebook Ads

April 12, 2024

I’m Shaheen
Your midlife business coach, here to help you start your very own online coaching business and scale it to multi 6 figures!
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In this empowering episode of the Midlife Business Coach Podcast, Shaheen dives into the transformative world of Facebook ads, sharing her journey from struggle to success. She candidly discusses the challenges she faced starting out and the breakthrough moments that changed everything. With an emphasis on the power of mindset, Shaheen reveals how aligning her passion with her ad strategy was key to connecting with her ideal clients and transforming her business.

Shaheen offers insightful tips on creating an effective ad funnel, highlighting the importance of captivating low-ticket offers, strategic order bumps, and upsells, all while keeping a heart-centered approach. This episode isn’t just about navigating the mechanics of Facebook ads; it’s a motivational call to you, a midlife woman entrepreneur, to embrace your business journey with courage and authenticity.

Through Shaheen’s own story, you’re encouraged to view Facebook ads not as a daunting challenge but as a powerful tool for growth and connection. Her empowering advice and practical tips promise to inspire confidence and action, inviting you to explore the potential of ads with an open heart and strategic mind. Join Shaheen as she lights the path to a fulfilling and prosperous coaching career, reminding you that the world of ads, when approached with the right mindset, can open doors to unimaginable success.

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