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My Go To, Simple Ad Strategies To Grow Your Audience By The Thousands With Dream Clients For As Little As $5 Day.

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You know the power of growing your audience because it means more sales, more clients.

But you don’t want to spend years and shell out a ton of money doing it though.

You want your Instagram following to increase. So you can find your dream clients who are ready to buy and not look like such a “newbie” 

You silently crave the invisible “cred” that comes with more followers (it’s ok, we all have it!).  

Think about how you feel when you see accounts with just a few followers – they appear too new and lack the credibility you want, making you hesitant to buy from them. You wouldn't want others to feel that way about your account


You tried ads but...

It didn't work for you.  It was complicated and overwhelming, plus there are just so many ad strategies out there.

Can't crack the boosting posts code 

You tried boosting posts but you don't get any traction, comments or followers.  You are literally spinning your wheels trying to figure this thing out!

Your lead magnets don't convert like were hoping

You thought if you created a freebie, that you would be able to grow your email list quickly, just like the big name coaches promised.

You are dying for the audience growth but you don’t want to spend a fortune and you don’t know how to make it happen! You are pulling out your hair (don’t do that!) because growing your audience feels really hard. Almost impossible. 

You tried ads but...

“Honestly, this program has shown me how simply I can grow my IG following.  I boosted some posts based on Shaheen's strategy and I have 100+ new followers so far in less than 2 weeks.”

— Miriam, Life Coach

You Need

a simple Instagram growth strategy

I'll share with you how I have ideal clients in my DM's asking how they can work me, from low ticket clients to women who go straight into private 1:1 coaching.

a way to grow your email list that's faster than a snail's pace

I'll share with you exactly how I grew my email list by 1000 clients in less than a month! 

Clients that are ready to buy from you

I'll share with you exactly how I grow my social media following each day using super easy ad and boosting post strategies and how to create social media images and captions that draw attention and convert. 



I will show you my three winning, inexpensive strategies and the behind the scenes of the tech setup so you can get started, TODAY!

Here’s What Is Inside:

-11 short, video trainings that you can pick and choose from depending on your goal

- 11 Checklist and Guide that accompanies each training!!!

Course breakdown:

Unreal Instagram Growth

  • The strategy behind how I grow my Instagram audience by the 1000’s spending less than $5 a post.  In 5 months, I grew my IG by 5000 followers

  • Exactly how I choose which posts to boost and why, to have ideal clients see your posts and find you in your DMs, asking for more information!

  • How I write IG post that got me hundreds of likes and follows

  • The tech: how to create custom audiences and boost your posts

The Free Masterclass Strategy 

  • The strategy behind masterclasses / challenges / trainings that have your dream client ready to sign up with you this week

  • Exactly how I run my masterclass ads for low cost, perfect fit leads

Teach Me Plz

The Quiz Magic

  • The strategy behind creating a quiz that can add thousands of people to your list. I added over 1000 ideal clients to my email list in just one month. 

  • Exactly how I run my quiz ads for low cost, perfect fit leads

  • The tech: creating your quiz using Chat GPT and TryInteract

Teach Me Plz

How does this sound?



You will have new emails in your automations, waiting to be nurtured!


You'll have clients wanting to spend money with you!


You will wake up with new followers every morning!  


Conversations in your DM's that will lead to sales, initiated by the client, NOT YOU!


Sales on the daily can happen when you are constantly growing your audience!

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To be successful, you have to grow your business, which means growing your email list and following!

Course value $297 


11 short, video trainings that you can pick and choose from depending on your goal

Checklists and Guides to help you every step of the way 


Course value $297 


11 short, video trainings that you can pick and choose from depending on your goal

Checklists and Guides to help you every step of the way 



“I can't believe how it easy it has been to get more followers.  I have women in my DM's asking me about my courses!”

— Melanie, Life Coach

3 boy mom, became a coach at 47, 10K+ months, tennis player, slow morning coffee

Hi, I'm Shaheen, Your Midlife Business Coach.

I know what it’s like to worry about getting older and wonder if it’s too late to start your own business or change careers.

I know what it’s like to not feel confident and ready to coach. But I also know what it feels like to step into my power and to reclaim my wisdom. 

I know how good it feels sharing my experiences and knowledge with others, empowering my clients to reach their full potential.  

If you are approaching midlife, or already in it, and you are thinking of becoming a coach, and you want to grow your audience as fast as possible, join me and I’ll share all of my secrets with you. 

You ready to get started with me?  

This      for you if:


you are impatient and organic growth is happening at a snail's pace

YOu are ready to grow your audience quickly and sell out your offers 

you want to wake up to new followers and dms asking how they can work with you!

It's probably        for you if...


you aren't ready to experiment and have fun

you don't care about how many followers you have or have many people are on your email list 

YOU  aren't interested in growing your business