Hi there! I’m Shaheen, your Midlife Business Coach!

I'm a mama to 3 amazing sons, married to my French husband for over 26 years (more than half of my life!), live in sunny So Cal! I'm a 5/1 Sacral Generator and a Scorpio!

Spilling the tea

A little about me.

I wasn't always a midlife business coach. I've tried my hat with many careers, but none of them landed.  I even tried two careers in corporate America but I ended one by being a victim and whistleblower in a #metoo scene and I got fired from my 2nd one, a 6+ figure banking job!  

These crisis led me to deeply awakened state of being where I learned to embrace my intuitive abilities, realizing that I create my own reality and I can use my spiritual and earthly gifts to facilitate powerful changes for people. I wondered many times if my dark period of the soul would ever pass, but it did.

I reinvented my life completely and asked myself the deep questions of - Who Am I and What Am I Here To Do Besides Being Mom and Wife?

Then I finally found my purpose, one year in my coaching journey - helping women start their very own online businesses and become coaches.

I know what it’s like to worry about getting older and wonder if it’s too late to start your own business or change careers.

I know what it’s like to not feel confident and ready to coach. But I also know what it feels like to step into my power and to reclaim my wisdom. 

I know how good it feels sharing my experiences and knowledge with others, empowering my clients to reach their full potential.  

Human Design 5/1 Sacral Generator, Scorpio, I am literally designed to coach and my gift is that I can see your future success, often before you do. 

Top: My husband and boys when they were little. Left, My fav hat, scarf and coat. Right: Our store, Feal Mor, featured in a magazine.


We get to ask ourselves - what do we want next? It's like a corridor that we walk through. And its my mission to help women see that on the other side of the corridor is the best possible version waiting for them. Welcome to the wealthiest, most meaningful part of your life. It's time to shine babes. 




I absolutely love playing tennis, and plan to be one of those 80 somethings in a tennis skirt


Paul McCartney flirted with me once, backstage at a Neil Young concert!


One of my happy places is floating down the river and camping out with my brother. 


I can eat 5 dozen fresh oysters in one sitting, in our second home in Brittany, France. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Tennis and a beer

celeb i'd love to meet

Any famous tennis player. 

Guilty pleasure

Southern Charm

alternate universe job:

Animal Whisperer. I love communicating with animals.

favorite place i've been:

Britanny, France.  The air, the ocean, the vibe.

drink of choice

A coupe of Moet, of course!

can't live without

Tata Harper Supernatural Elixir

usually craving

Coffee ... and a treat.  

beach vs mountains


favorite show to binge

Bridgerton! lol

Have you ever considered pivoting and becoming a coach in midlife?

If yes, join me for my free training that you can watch right away to learn exactly what I did to get started (and what you don’t want to do!), and now I’m signing clients every month! Also comes with my Kickstart Your Coaching Journey Workbook that will get you started!

This training is what I wish I had when I started my coaching business.