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Ready to stop living your life on autopilot, and feeling so disconnected from yourself and your spirituality?

It’s time to tap into your sacred purpose and live an aligned, fulfilled life?

Welcome to The Golden Thread Collective Membership!

Do you ever …

  • Feel like something is missing from you life, even though you are successful and your life “checks” all the boxes?

  • Lay awake at night with creeping anxiety and yearn for something more? You ask yourself, “Is this it?”

  • Make changes that don’t last? Only to find yourself back where you started as you wiggle away from your truth?

  • Wish you had a community of like minded, spirit centered women that you could turn to and ask for help, because you don’t like admitting and asking for help in your life …. you are too busy being “superwoman?’“

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share your gift with others.

Even the largest of movements started with just one ripple. Whether you’re here because you feel a calling to serve others, or if you just want to deepen your own spiritual practice, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

My riff …

Modern living is simply amazing, but it has left us feeling very disconnected. We are in the obsessed with becoming successful, consuming things, information, occupied with mundane tasks, shallow interactions …

We were told the more successful you are, the more fulfilled and happy you will be …but what we’ve come to realize is ..that was just a lie that they told us!

The way we were taught about success is completely outdated.

The illusion that we are disconnected is the cause of so much unhappiness, loneliness, fear, looking for things in all the wrong places, anxiety and fear!

We’ve forgotten that we are connected to

  • Our divinity

  • Our planet

  • Mother nature and with the animals

  • Ourselves, our purpose and our inner truths.

  • Other people that we share the planet with …

But the truth is, it’s only an illusion. We have always been connected. We just have to awaken and tap back into that part of us that is connected to Source, Spirit, God…

I am here to remind you that there is another to dimension to our lives. It’s the world of Spirit, of energy, the energy that creates worlds, that flows through us ..

We have access to it. Anytime we want.

It’s about tapping into your Highest Self where you will find and experience:

  • Freedom

  • Inner power and strength

  • Inner wisdom that is divine and uniquely yours

In The Golden Thread Collective, we stand together in a deeply lovely community to create a spiritual foundation so strong that we become unshakeable. We will question all that doesn’t serve us, without judgement or shame, and we will replace with our highest truths.

I am not here to tell you what your spirituality should look like. That is for you to decide and feel into. It’s a deeply personal choice …

I am here to support you, stand next to you, to create a space that will hold you as you tune into your heart and your soul, to guide you, to keep you on track when it starts to slip away when we are on our own.

The Golden Thread Collective is there to support where we have create and hold a space so you can tune in to your heart, to your soul, to the experience of love.

You will understand why you are here…what it’s all about.

If you find yourself feeling like life is happening around you and you aren’t fully participating, and you feel like you don’t belong, you aren’t alone.

If you find yourself not asking for help when you need it (because you don’t want to inconvenience anyone), or allowing yourself to be vulnerable to others (you want to appear strong!), you aren’t alone.

If you find yourself

The Collective is for the woman who …

  • Is ready to stop living on auto-pilot and become present to what’s in front of her, instead of thinking of the next thing to do on her list, or her next day off.

  • Doesn’t like asking for help or being vulnerable to other, but deep down she knows she would be so much happier if she was part of a community where asking for support, unconditional love is safe and normal.

  • Is ready to uplevel and take back her power in all areas in her life without sacrificing her joy, happiness and peace

  • Wants to experience more purpose and intention in her life and connect deeper with her spirituality.

  • Wants to have an powerful impact on the world, create a new paradigm, set an example to their children, change the generations to come …

  • Knows she can do it, but not sure where to start

  • Wants to make more money that gives more freedom, time to travel, and enjoy the blessings and sweetness of her life

  • Create a powerful, uplifting legacy that cares about others and the planet. 

  • Is tired of playing small and little girl energy.

  • Who is doing hard things in the world, and needs the support

In the Golden Thread Collective …spirituality and practicality unite… and become a daily practice that will empower you and help you tap into the divinity and wisdom within. You will…

  • Learn to listen to your body’s wisdom and use it as teacher and guide to help you manage your life better.

  • Learn how to be in better touch with your intuition and use it as a tool to help you make big and small decisions.

  • Belong in a community of incredible humans on a spiritual path with you

  • Build the capacity to be present with your own experiences and challenges.

  • Elevate your relationships by consciously connecting and communicating with the people in your life

The Golden Thread is a collective for the woman knows she’s destined for more and is ready to tap into the wisdom and divinity within ….She’s ready to awake and conscious of and connected to all and everything in the universe.

This is for the woman who loves her family, she’s a good friend, she’s driven but ready to connect to something greater. She knows that something is missing …. even though her life looks perfect from the outside.

It’s a sacred space to refuel, recharge and reconnect …. with your spirituality, your self, and other amazing souls just like you. Together, we rise together in the collective. We celebrate, support each others journeys…

You will find your light, your love.

The Golden Thread. Think of a pearl necklace. Without the thread you just have twenty pearls that are rolling around. With the thread the pearls line up and create something new and complete.

The Golden Thread is what connects us all together, to Spirit, to’s divine love that connects us. The meaning of life is to find our gift and how to use it serve others….. Here you will be on the same path as other like minded amazing women.

a multifaceted course & community where you learn to attune & alchemize your energy, and activate your highest potential. 

She is ready to be part of an uplifting, supportive community who are on the same spiritual path as you, so she doesn’t have to burnout.

It’s a safe space to ask for help, support and love.

You are ready to be more, love more, make more money, shine more, smile more, create more ..all the “mores”!

She’s not afraid to show up and look within …she knows that what she wants starts there and it will be hers..

She wants to be free of the past, free of the stories …free of the chains that hold her back …

She is ready to awaken to her highest self…
She’s ready to activate her highest potential…

She never asks for help but here, she feels safe to be seen.

She dreams of a life of freedom, freedom from cultural and social beliefs
Freedom from expectations
She craves a life in alignment with your deepest desires

She’s here now … and it’s you….and she’s golden… like the sun.

Your Golden Thread membership gives you access to …

  • The calls every month:

    • 1 x 60 min support call on whatever you are needing support with … (submit q’s before or have opportunity for hot seat coaching) (value $300)

    • 1 x 60 min workshop

  • Recorded Guided Meditations + Affirmations + Journal Prompts ($47)

  • Any masterclasses or workshops that I release during your time in The Golden Thread. (classes sell for $37 – $197)

  • A pass of all past workshops

  • Access to the FB supportive community of ambitious, spiritual, devoted humans that care about the world and each other, and are ready to live their fullest potential – this is your home. (priceless!)

  • Investment is $97 / month (or pay in full $247) if you purchase before Dec 31, 2022 …after the cost goes up to $111 a month or pay in full $300 for 3 months, with the option to renew monthly after 3 month commitment.

It’s a value of $1500 a month for just $97 a month.

If you’re committed, and your heart is singing “YES! This is what I want in my life!” then join our community.

I help self-critical, driven women learn to unconditionally love themselves so they can step into their next level self.


I am dedicated to helping you unlock your next level, to become free and unstoppable in life. I believe in you and want you to find the love for yourself that I have for you.  Free from your inner critic, full of love and compassion for yourself, and clear and grounded in your mission here in this lifetime!  Present!  Happy! And In Love with YOU!  I had to do this for myself so I know it’s possible for you, I promise you!


( become your own best friend, believe in you & your purpose)

(to please others, make them feel better about themselves, etc)

(wake up, make decisions that light you up, carpe diem!)

(nothing is more freeing than this! bye bye bs!!)

{these are just a couple of examples!!!! the sky is the limit my friends!}

You are capable and worthy of fulfilling your purpose and stepping into your next level

Just imagine if you could

Unlock and uplevel every area of your life

Step into your full power

Manifest your dreams

Awaken magic, beauty, purpose, creativity and flow into your life

Experience a profound sense of trust