The Summer Detox

detox your life of negative vibes and people

The Free 3 Day Summer Detox Challenge

Tuesday, July 18 – @9am PST
Wednesday, July 19 – @9am PST
Thursday, July 20 – @9am PST

this is perfect FOR WOMen in theiR 30s, 40S AND BEYOND, WHO are READY TO release the negative energy and toxic people she’s collected along the way.


  • Struggling to cut toxic people out of your life because you feel guilty and worry about hurting their feelings?

  • Feeling frustrated and resentful because you believe you have to play the role of the “nice friend” who listens to all the drama that you couldn’t care less about?

  • Replaying the negative stories over and over in your mind, leaving you feeling angry and sorry for yourself, but yet you can’t break free from their grip?

  • Being so hard on yourself because you think you should be perfect at everything?

Join me in this 3 day experience where I’ll walk you through step by step to detoxing your life of negative vibes and people. It’s time to let go of the past and embrace a life filled with positive people, inner peace and lasting happiness.✨

Tuesday, July 18 – @9am PST
Wednesday, July 19 – @9am PST
Thursday, July 20 – @9am PST

Hi! I’m Shaheen Plunier

Hey there! I'm Shaheen Plunier, and I've been right where you are.

From the outside, my life seemed perfect, but inside, I was carrying years of toxic energy, surrounded by toxic people, and working a toxic job. It took hitting rock bottom and checking myself into a recovery center to discover a life-changing solution.

In this exclusive 3-day challenge, I'll guide you step by step to remove toxic people, break free from self-sabotaging patterns, and set empowering boundaries. Unlike other programs, we focus on forgiveness, guilt release, and protecting your energy and peace of mind.

Imagine finally letting go of toxic relationships, feeling a sense of light-heartedness, and experiencing joy like you haven't in years. This challenge will help you embrace positivity, unlock freedom, and create a happier, more fulfilling life.

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