The Summer Detox For Midlife

Say Goodbye to the Negative Vibes. It’s Time for a Midlife Detox!

The Free 3 Day Summer Detox Challenge

Tuesday, July 18 – @9am PST
Wednesday, July 19 – @9am PST
Thursday, July 20 – @9am PST

this is perfect FOR THE WOMAN IN HER 40’S, 50’S AND BEYOND WHO IS READY TO release the negative energy and toxic people she’s collected along the way


  • Struggling to cut toxic people out of your life because you feel guilty and worry about hurting their feelings?

  • Feeling frustrated and resentful because you believe you have to play the role of the “nice friend” who listens to all the drama that you couldn’t care less about?

  • Replaying the negative stories over and over in your mind, leaving you feeling angry and sorry for yourself, but yet you can’t break free from their grip?

  • Being so hard on yourself because you think you should be perfect at everything?

Join me in this 3 day experience where I’ll walk you through step by step to detoxing your life of negative vibes and feeling free of heaviness, guilt and worry.

Tuesday, July 18 – 9am PST
Wednesday, July 19 – 9am PST
Thursday, July 20 – 9am PST

Hi! I’m Shaheen Plunier

It looked like I had it all from the outside … the degrees, the marriage, kids, careers, the houses, the money, etc …but on the inside, I wasn’t happy. I was carrying around years of toxic energy, surrounded by toxic people and working a toxic job.

I unfortunately had to crash and burn and figure my shit out! I checked myself into a recovery center and it was the best / hardest think I ever had to do!

I learned how to remove toxic people from my life, self-sabotaging thought patterns, blocks, behaviors that were restricting me. I began to see them as invitations to connect and heal. I learned to forgive, to let go of guilt, and to set boundaries that protected my energy and peace of mind.

As I detoxed my life, I found space for new, positive experiences and relationships.I discovered a sense of light-heartedness and joy that I hadn't felt in years.

I want you to experience the same wonderful feeling too!