The Social Butterfly – Midlife Quiz Result (Copy)

get excited! Your quiz result is in!

You are…
a Social Butterfly!

The pros:

In midlife, you will thrive on social interaction and you value relationships with friends and family above all else.

  • You are lively and have an outgoing personality!

  • You have an infectious energy that makes people feel comfortable and at ease in your presence.

  • You have an eye for fashion and aesthetics, making you the go-to person for styling tips and advice.

  • You find fulfillment in entertaining and being surrounded by people.

  • Your natural charm, charisma and love for beauty make you stand out from the crowd.

  • You love to entertain and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Your natural charm and often have a great sense of style, which they enjoy showcasing through their fashion choices and home decor.

Sound like You? however …

There are cons to be aware of:

As with any personality type, there are areas that require attention and balance to lead to a fulfilling life in midlife (so you don’t have a midlife crisis!)

The Social Butterfly may need to focus on developing your personal growth and finding a balance between your social life and their inner life.

  • You may tend to lean too heavily on external validation and social approval, neglecting your own emotional and spiritual development.

  • You may find themselves getting caught up in their social circle and neglecting your own individual needs. This can lead to a lack of fulfillment and a sense of unfulfilled potential.

  • It’s important for you to set aside time for yourself and nurture your own interests in order to stay healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

  • It’s important for you to explore different activities and challenge yourself in midlife.

It’s important for you to self-reflect, set goals, and find a support system that encourages both socializing and personal growth.

If this sounds challenging and out of reach ….

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