The Reinventress – Midlife Quiz Result

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You are…
the reinventress !

In order to feel fulfilled and happy, you need new experiences! You love to push yourself outside of your comfort zone! Why? Because you refuse to settle for the mundane, everyday routine

You will be energized and fulfilled ONLY when you challenge yourself to try new things! 

People admire you because you aren’t afraid of failure or setbacks …You know they are just opportunities to learn and grow. 

The Reinventress has the magnetic ability to stay engaged and excited about life. ✨

You are not content to simply coast through life, so you have to keep it fresh! Be spontaneous!  You have my permission to follow your heart’s desires.

What are your heart’s desires?  What new experience is calling you?
Opening that business? Booking that dream vacation?.

I’m Shaheen, a certified empowerment coach, and spiritual energy healer, not to mention mama to 3 gorgeous boys + married for over 25 + years….:)

From the outside, it looked like I had it all. But at 45, I got fired from my6 figure job and I checked myself a recovery center. My 5 o’clock wine became a problem and the hidden sexual abuse that I endured caught up with me. I was a hot mess.

I couldn’t pretend to be “happy,” nor “perfect,” nor people please any longer.

I realized that I could no longer live the way I was. It was time for me to find my purpose, outside of my family and learn how to feel fulfilled. Not just by houses, jobs, material things but actually FEEL fulfilled within myself.

And I realized that I couldn’t fee fulfilled until I fully accepted my “age.”

I was saddened and depressed that at 45 yrs old, I was just figuring myself out. But I chose to see my midlife crisis as an opportunity, and it became my Midlife Awakening!

I got the help I needed through different modalities: coaching, therapy, self-development programs, spiritual energy healing. I can say that now that I am on the other side, I feel better than ever. I started my dream business at age 47! I know who I am! I don’t settle for less any longer. And the best part, my relationship with my husband (25+ years together) has never been better.

before we go any further, let me introduce myself!

Today, I guide and mentor women like you how to have a midlife awakening (and avoid the midlife crisis!)

your challenges to be mindful of in midlife….

As with any personality type, there are areas that require attention and balance to lead to a fulfilling life in midlife (so you don’t have a midlife crisis!)

As the Reinventoress, you may struggle to balance your desires for new experiences with your responsibilities and obligations. You may become so focused on pursuing your passions that you neglect other important areas of your life, such as her relationships, career, or health.

To have a fulfilling and balanced midlife, you need to focus on finding the right balance ⚖️ between exploring new avenues and taking care of your existing responsibilities, as mundane as it may be. Sorry!

Another thing dear Reinventress, be mindful of the potential risks and downsides of constantly seeking out new experiences, such as financial strain or burnout. By embracing your adventurous spirit while also being mindful of your overall well-being, you can create a bright and exciting future for yourself!.

Take heed, as you may struggle with staying focused and committing to a particular path or goal, as your are easily distracted by all of the possibilities around you.

If this sounds challenging and out of reach ….

I have just the answer for you, my dear Reinventress , so you can learn how to navigate midlife seamlessly and learn how to take time to nurture yourself, find a new purpose and live a beautiful, balanced, fulfilling midlife!

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