Finally, a mastermind for midlife coaches to discover their signature way to 6 figures using my 6+ figure blueprint. 

Finally, a mastermind for midlife coaches to discover their signature way to 6 figures using my 6+ figure blueprint. 


Inner Circle

4 month mastermind
$497 / month or $1750 Pay In full
We begin june 3
pre-sale right now
Regular price $997 /month - $3K Pay in full

the midlife coach

You have waited your whole life for this.

You have this inner knowing that you are meant to become a coach and use your wisdom and wealth of experiences to help others.

You've lived a full life.  You've done the hard things and celebrated the most incredible accomplishments!  You've come through the hard times, a goddess, a warrior, a woman.  You've given your life to others, with love. And now you're ready for your turn! 

And you are in midlife and you're SO READY to become a successful money making coach! You are ready to create this next chapter YOUR WAY!

Welcome, my love!  You are in the right place!

This mastermind is exactly what I wish I had when I got started.

I put myself in big rooms, with big earners, and they were all much younger than me.

I vowed to create a space where women my age (I'm 49) can be in a sacred space where we learn and grow together. Your life experiences are your biggest assets and we can turn it into a multi 6 figure coaching business.  I know this can happen because I have done it for myself.  My way.  Not following some guru's strategies.  In my space, I help you find your "perfect" strategy and "way" of doing business!  

I know you've spent plenty of time learning HOW to grow a coaching business.

But now it’s time to…

Uncover the REAL messaging and transformation you’ll be creating with clients that lights your soul on FIRE

Turn that messaging into a drool worthy signature program that you are absolutely giddy to wake up and talk about, sell and serve in every single day 

Get on track for 6 and multi 6 figure years and finally experience this IDEA become the biggest thing you’ve done in their life yet (and we both know you’ve already done big things!) 

the midlife coach




The mastermind for midlife coaches to discover their signature way to multiple 6 figures 

$497 /MONTH OR PAY IN FULL $1750

(Regular Price will $888/ month)


YOu celebrating your biggest month yet  with your family

You will feel so proud of yourself, as you share your first sales or record breaking month with the ones you love the most!  You'll FINALLY say "I told you so, I knew that it would work out for me!"

waking up every morning looking forward to your day

There's not one day that will go by, where you will wake up and dread your day.  Your days are filled with working with clients that make you smile, and light you up. You'll be making sales from your social media posts.  You'll sit back, and take a deep breath, amazed at what you've created. 

the freedom to do what you want, when you want

Imagine waking up and loving your life.  Your clients light you up. You have time in between call to run errands and take walks. Your clients are thanking you b/c you are changing their lives! You get to do what you want, when you want!  And it feels like a dream come true!

Build Your Business Using My Signature 6+ Figure Blueprint

Together, we will build your business using my 6+ Figure Blueprint that has allowed me to scale at quantum speed. We will nail your messaging, grow your audience and sell out your offers!

here's what you get:

2 Live Group Coaching Calls A Month

Here, we can go deep into strategy and get your next steps lined out so you can go out and sign those clients and sell out your programs! Call schedule will vary and be posted one month in advance. You can pre-submit your questions too and I will answer on the call, and the replay will be posted. 

Access to All My Programs

  • Wisdom to Wealth ($2222)
  • Selling Made Simple ($197)
  • Grow Your Audience With My Crazy Simple Ad Strategies ($197)
  • All workshops ($47 +) and mini-courses 
  • ALL programs that I create during your time in the mastermind.  Stay tuned for my next course coming soon this summer!
  • Valued Over ($3000 alone!)

One Week of Telegram

Every month, I will offer a week of Telegram coaching (Monday - Thursday) where you can ask me your questions, and get detailed voice note answers!

 Getting the right support throughout the month will allow you to FINALLY get momentum in your business!

If you are like me, I like being able to voice note and chat out my questions. With this week of Telegram support, you'll get even more insight and coaching than ever!

Private Community

Finally a community of midlife coaches who want the same as you.  Where we celebrate our victories, we process our challenges, a sacred space where you held with love and respect.  

are you ready for these kind of 



Create your signature method and program that you can scale to multi 6+ figures


Create a lifestly that absolutely lights you up, overflowing with meaning, love and money!


Create a business that you are obsessed with, that flows at your pace so you  don't require you to hustle and grind


A calendar filled with only things you want to do, and clients you want to see


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Learn how to create an automated funnel that makes you money while you sleep


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4 Payments of $497

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 The Inner Circle is on Pre-Sale Now!

Here's what I promise to you:

You will see how it is possible to build a 6+ figure coaching business, and we will do it together - you aren't alone on this journey any longer!

You will always know what your next steps are.

You will be surrounded by a community of incredible women who will celebrate each milestone with you, and hold space for you when times are tough. 

You will learn how to create a signature, drool worthy program that you are absolutely in love with!

You can create a funnel that makes sales while you sleep, if that's what you desire.  I'll support you and give you bespoke advice, just for you and your business model, the entire way.

Learn how to feel confident, worthy of receiving massive amounts of money, without feeling guilty or weird.  

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I know all about midlife reinvention

4 years ago, I got fired. 2 years ago I started my online coaching business and my growth and impact have skyrocketed the past 5 months 

I know what it's like to reinvent yourself.  I had to do it many times.  But this time, I FINALLY found my calling in the online world of coaching.  The opportunities to make an impact and an absolutely incredible income BLOWS MY MIND!  It's my dream to show you that you can do it too!  I still can't believe it sometimes - it feels so surreal to make 20K and 30K months now!

but nowI know how to help!

3 boy mama, tennis player, cat lover, wifey, reinvented at 47!

Hi, I'm Shaheen, Your Midlife Business Coach.

I will never shut up about becoming a coach in midlife.  Since I made the decision to go for it 1.5 years into my business, I have made over 70K in less than 5 months!  I found the way to scale and grow my business, my way!  And I want you to find your way too and I'll help you every step of the way inside the Inner Circle.

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How do the calls work?

We will have two monthly group coaching calls where we can dive deep into whatever you need assistance with.  If you can't make the calls, you can drop your comments in the FB thread and I can answer them in the call!

Tell me more about the week of Telegram questions.

Telegram is an app where we can leave voice notes and texts. One week every month you can ask me anything (strategic biz questions, what you should do next, what I'm doing behind the scenes in my business, what mindset shifts need to be made for you to hit you goals, etc). I answer every question with in-depth voice notes all week long.

Do you offer marketing and content feedback?

I do not.  If you are interested in working with me in a higher proximity mastermind, join me in Richesse where you have daily access to me and unlimited marketing feedback. 

Do I get lifetime access to the programs?

No, you do. not.  Once you leave, the programs leave with you, unless you purchased the course separately.

Are there refunds?

No, there aren't.

Do you offer support M - F? 

I do not.  But I encourage you to lean into the community for support and feedback,  in between our calls.  If you are interested in working with me in a higher proximity mastermind, join me in Richesse where you have daily access to me and unlimited marketing feedback.