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The Midlife

Begin Your Life’s Next Chapter with Confidence: The Must Have Online Program for Women in Their 40s and Beyond Seeking to Embrace Aging, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Uncover Their True Passion and Purpose

Society has made you believe that it’s too late for you to change your life.

society has made you feel like you should have it all figured out by now, and you feel like you are falling short.

society has told you that you are past your prime.


I have completely transformed my life since turning 45. I had a midlife crisis, questioned my purpose (beyond being a mama and wife), my career, my identity. I took radical responsibility and led myself through my own Midlife Awakening, to create a business I love, to have an improved marriage and relationship with my kids, a life I love waking up to! And the results? I am happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been in my life.

This Course Is For You If…

  • You are overwhelmed just by thinking about you entering midlife, and you want a plan and a process to help you navigate it all.

  • You are ready to make sense of all the questions you keep asking yourself regarding your life like “Did I do enough?” “What’s next?” “Will I be happy?” etc

  • Society has made you feel like you are past your prime, and you’re too “too old” or it’s “too late for you” to change your life, start that business, go on that vacation…?

  • You feel bored, feel stuck in a rut and you know things need to change, but you don’t know where to start or what to do?

  • You wish to rediscover who you are, and find your purpose for the next chapter of your life, no matter your age!

You Wish You Could…

  • Love yourself unconditionally, wrinkles and grey hair, changing body, and show up daily in your full power, confident and radiant to be you at this age.

  • Rekindle the spark in your relationship with your partner, that goes beyond the date night, so you can laugh and enjoy each others company, like you did before?

  • Wake up every morning and know what your purpose is beyond the roles you have played until now (mom, wife, employee)?

  • Cultivate quality friendships and a community of women that will cheer you and your transformation on!

I’ve been exactly where you are…

You’ve given your life to your kids, or maybe you are wanting to start a new career, and you are in this space of almost feeling like you are starting your life over again. You think to yourself Oh Sh*! I’m getting old!”

You ask yourself “Is this it?

It’s vulnerable. It’s tender. And part of you might not even know who you are because you have been busy taking care of everyone else, and you lost yourself to all of the roles you play (mom, wife, career, friend, daughter, etc).



the awakening

A self-paced online course that will take you on a healing journey full of self-discovery and transformation, so you can live an empowered life with passion and purpose, no matter your age.

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the awakening


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Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll have:

become the best version of yourself in life

You’ll gain the tools and practices to boost your self-esteem and help you feel more confident than ever before. You’ll have a new sense of empowerment and will step into the woman you know you have the potential to become.

be a wonderful role models for generations to come

You’ll raise the bar for generations to come. Our daughters will look forward to aging and our sons will encourage the women around them to age gracefully.


Wake up knowing your soul level purpose and feel so proud and happy for yourself because you are taking the steps to make it come true.


You will begin to rewritte the script of what it means to be midlife, and you will tell people your age, without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.


Unlock the tools necessary to create wonderful, fulfilling, nourishing relationships. You will be able to communicate effectively, deepen your emotional intimacy, and foster an atmosphere of love and understanding

Reverse negative thinking

Catch those inner negative voices and turn them into constructive and positive truths. No more self-doubt, no more anxiety, no more negative self-talk.


Here’s what we cover in the Awakening!

  • Create a Mindset of Self-Discovery: The mindset of self-discovery is crucial for a midlife awakening.

    By rediscovering one’s values, healing past traumas, exploring new passions, building stronger relationships, and experiencing a spiritual awakening, individuals can create a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

    How to Pause and Slow Down in a Fast Paced World: In order to practice self-discovery, you need to give yourself permission to slow down and take the time to ask yourself questions, so you can actually hear your heart (not society, not your partner, not anyone else’s voice).

    Here we create space so you can figure out what you want and what brings you joy, so that by the end of the course, you will be clear and have clean energy to do exactly that.If you don’t know what your purpose is or what your passions are, don’t worry.

    I will take you through a process where you will find your answers, within yourself.

    Included is an Slow Down Tracker and journal prompts to help you reconnect with yourself!

  • We will peel back the societal pressures placed on us in midlife so we can be free of any limiting beliefs we may have about midlife!

    Meet the Woman You Are Meant to Become: Guided visualization + embodiment practice that will help you make decisions for your Highest Good, for the rest of your life!

    Create North Star Vision Board: Create your vision for the second half of life, and use this visual story in every step of reclaiming your power.

    Create Your North Star Mindset: The mindset you need to stay focused on your goals and values, even when life gets tough. Just like the North Star helped sailors stay on course as they crossed the sea, a North Star mindset guides you towards your true north – the life you were meant to live.

    Pick One Area of Your Life You Want to Work On: You will be able to do this process with all areas of your life, but for now, pick the one that is calling to your heart.

    The Wheel of Life: learn how to use the wheel of life to help you focus on which areas need upleveling!

  • Learn my step by step signature method you can apply to any area of your life so you can release the disappointment, the hurt of the past so you can reset and choose a path, an experience that is in alignment with who you are and who you want to become.

    Learn how to release the identity you have of yourself, that isn’t serving you, so you can reset your energy and recreate who you want to be.

    You are not your past. You are a beautiful, precious being who is capable of achieving whatever you set your intention to.

    Here, you will set your intentions and learn how to trust the Universe and become open to receive all the synchronicities, divine timing. You will learn that your desires are divine, and meant just for you.

    This may be one of the most important tools because here – you learn how to deal with the negative self-talk. The fears, the anxiety that replay over and over in your head.

    You will learn how to separate your fears, your ego from your dreams and your heart.

    You will learn practical tools and how to become mindful of the conversations you have with yourself, so they are positive and uplifting.

  • Create a mindset of openness so you you can openly explore what is meant for you, without self-judgment.

    Here we go deep into exploring what lights you up. Where you see yourself. What you are doing next!

    We create space so you can explore freely, without guilt or fear so you can create and manifest the midlife of your dreams.

  • Strategies to show you how you can establish a deeper connection with yourself, the universe, and a higher purpose

  • Learn about the mindset of self-belief and self-confidence. Here you will learn what inspired action is, and how to take it.

    You will learn strategies on how to:

    • How to take inspired Action

    • Incorporate spirituality into your daily life

    • Detox the negative relationships out of your life

    • Feel more abundant just by changing your mindset

    • Feel really confident and worthy and deserving, for whatever you want for this next chapter of your life!

The Course Includes:

  • One Module For Each Week (6 weeks)

    Each module consists of TOPIC based mini-lessons 5-10 minutes each, bite-size, easily digestible lessons – on demand. Designed to be bingeable, short and potent as F! for the busy woman! I want you to have time to integrate the teachings and self-discoveries.

  • guided meditations + visualizations

    Access to guided meditations and visualizations to help you connect with your true self, your life’s purpose and to help you manifest your goals and dreams.

  • Amazing bonuses

    These guides are amazing ! You will receive the The 369 Manifestation Guide, The Midlife Growth Journal, the Raise Your Wealth Consciousness Guide.

  • Over 100+ Downloadable Worksheets

    These worksheets will help you track you process, document and track your progress. They are designed for you so that you will be able to have breakthroughs and implement the learnings in your life.

  • Free Access to the Midlife awakening facebook group

    Join the Midlife Awakening Facebook group where you will be supported by a community of women who are embarking upon the same journey as you. Community is crucial to our self-development and growth! Come celebrate with us!

  • Journal prompts + Activity tracker

    Journal prompts to help you unleash your potential and unlock your next level. And an activity tracker to help you build momentum as you learn to slow down! (yes that is ironic!)

Meet Your Coach 


At 45, I got fired from my job and I checked myself a recovery center. My 5 o’clock wine became a problem and the hidden sexual abuse that I endured caught up with me.

I couldn’t pretend to be happy nor “perfect” any longer.

I realized that I could no longer live the way I was. It was time for me to find my purpose, outside of my family and learn how to feel fulfilled. Not just by houses, jobs, material things but actually FEEL fulfilled within myself.

And I realized that I couldn’t fee fulfilled until I fully accepted my “age.”

I really wanted my to transform my sadness and regret of healing this so late in my life, and because of the help I got with coaching and therapy, journaling, affirmations, mindset work, studied energy healing – I feel empowered, confident, happy and absolutely in love with my age.

My relationship with my husband (25+ years together) has never been better. Literally all my relationships have improved. Because I am present, fully expressed and accepting of myself. And, I started my dream biz at 47! I feel like I am thriving because I am making money and being of service!

Kind Words From Clients


This will become the best part of your life. I will guide you on a deeply healing journey that will set you free so you can love and savor this part of your life. The best is yet to come!

PLUS, you’ll get all these bonuses

  • Free Access to the Midlife Awakening Facebook Group: where you can be supported by a community of women and myself as we embark upon midlife together

  • Bonus Journal: The Midlife Gratitude Journal

  • Bonus Guide: The Midlife Manifestation Practice Guide

Still have some questions?
I’ve got you covered.

  • Yes! You will have lifetime access!

  • You will lifetime access plus any recorded additions that I may add to the modules.

  • You get one module delivered to you each week, for 6 weeks. And you will keep access to the modules for life.

  • In each module, there is a short video of me teaching and explaining the concepts. There are worksheets that go along with each lesson that you can download so you can really dive deep into your reflections and plans.

  • You will be sent a welcome email from Thrive Cart, and one from myself, with login information. Once logged in, you will have complete access to the course.

  • You will receive an email with an invitation to join. Once you submit your email, you will be accepted ASAP. Also, there will be a link in the Midlife Awakening Portal to join the group. Join while it’s free! I can’t guarantee how long the group will be free access, so come play while you can!




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