The Golden Thread Collective

To my dearest, high-achieving, successful, “do everything-for-everyone” lovely human

Let me guess, do you ever …

  • Go through the motions of life and feel like you are asleep at the wheel, not remembering the details of your day, forgetting where you parked or what you ate … you just want to numb out on your phone instead of paying attention to the people in your life?

  • Feel like something is missing from you life, even though you are successful & your life “checks” all the boxes?

  • Lay awake at night with creeping anxiety & yearn for something more? You ask yourself, “Is this it?”

  • Make changes that don’t last? You meditate or journal for a couple of days & you begin to feel really good, but then you gradually stop doing it, only to find yourself back where you started

  • Tired of turning to your friends and family to process your feelings & experiences, you feel alone, & you don’t like admitting you are struggling but you need the extra support.

I have been in your shoes!

You are successful, you have it all. You’ve accomplished a lot!
But you don’t feel like it on the inside. You thought you would feel differently once you reached this level.
But you don’t.

I have no doubt if you are here, it isn’t by accident …your soul brought you.

Just because it looks like you have it all from the outside, it doesn’t mean you feel happy, fulfilled, or even know who you are or what you want next at this point in your life.

It looked like I had it all from the outside … the degrees, the marriage, kids, careers, the houses, the money, etc …but on the inside, I was deeply unhappy, discontent and I was numbing myself with wine and being super busy and productive, pretending that everything was ok. I couldn’t be present to myself nor my family.

I unfortunately had to crash and burn and figure my shit out!

I removed blocks, behavior and thought patterns that were restricting me. I began to see them as invitations to connect and heal. I became hyper aware of my feelings and how I felt them in my body and how they created my reality.

I found out what I truly wanted, not what other people wanted for me, nor what society thought was possible for me. Most importantly, I tapped into my Highest Self and became spiritually grounded. I began to find meaning and inspiration in my daily routine. I found my purpose.

If you find yourself bored, stuck in a rut, out of touch with your heart and your purpose ..I get you! I’ve been there and I know how to help you change that!

Are you ready?

An uplifting, heart-centered membership for those who want to find true inner fulfillment.

Knowing you aren’t alone and that there are others experiencing something similar and aspiring to be truly content and happy – it’s so validating.

The collective is a place for you to stop looking for success & validation outside of you, and instead claim your success, your worthiness, WITHIN you!

Welcome to The Golden Thread Collective

The Golden Thread Collective is a membership where you will receive:

  • Live group spiritual energy clearing:

    • This is amazing! Each month will be themed and you can pre-submit “what you like would to be cleared.” We clear in your Akashic Records (these are your soul records), past and present lifetimes, karmic patterns, negative programs that keep you stuck, energetic heaviness. Click here for more info on the Spiritual Energy Clearings.

  • Live guided meditation and activation

    • Format: 5 minute breathwork + 20 minute guided meditation + 30 minutes open sharing + Q & A

    • You’ll want to find a quiet space with no distractions for 1 hour

    • You will have personal breakthroughs and transformations

  • Monthly (pre-recorded) meditations in motion: Walking + visualizing is one of the fastest ways to manifest and create what you want (more happiness, next steps for you life and business, money, clarity…)

  • Intuitive guidance and messages tailored to the community

  • Community sharing & connection via a private FB group

  • Access to all previous meditations

  • Bonus audio notes, videos, & intuitive messages for this group

  • Prompts and energetic practices we can explore together

  • * Cancel anytime

    Founders Member Pricing (limited time – lock it in while it’s available:))

    Presale Price
    : $27 / month * cancel anytime * (I recommend staying in as long as you can for lasting transformation

    Annually: $270 (two months free)

We begin January 2023!


The first 5 people to sign up for the Annual Membership of $270 (which includes two free months!) will receive ONE FREE CONSULTATION CALL – 60 MIN ($333)

This is perfect for you if …

  • You are ready to wake up happy, be present to the ones they love and enjoy and appreciate the life they have created (without feeling guilty and being so hard on herself.)

  • You desire to have a consistent spiritual practice with accountability, so you don’t fall off the wagon after a month.

  • You desire to have a powerful, positive impact on those around them, and be a more loving, present partner, better friend, more patient and fun parent…etc…

  • You want to stop procrastinating and living life on avoidance mode. You are done over-eating, over-drinking, over-consuming, numbing the pain and boredom and they are ready to make peace with yourself on all levels.

I didn’t know this kind of online community existed years ago, and if it did, I certainly didn’t know about it, but I have the feeling it could have saved me from crashing and burning had I known …

This is my why.
I created this..
For me. For you. For us.

You don’t have to lose yourself in the process of living.

Imagine if you could …

  • Learn how to harness the energy of the Universe to create more divine synchronicities in your life.

  • Be in better touch with your intuition and use it as a tool to help you make big and small decision, so you can stop questioning yourself and asking others for their advice and opinion.

  • Learn how to embody, how to become the person who is calling you forth so you can have it all.

  • Build the capacity to be present with your own experiences and challenges and hold the unknown field’s in the unknown void that we develop faith and a deep belief that it is all working out.

  • Elevate your relationships by consciously connecting and communicating with the people in your life. You’ll grow closer to your loved ones, you’ll feel more understood, heard and seen.

  • Belong to a community of incredible humans who are longing to deepen their spirituality, find their purpose and be on spiritual path with you

I’m here to tell, you can do and be all these things! I’ve done it for me, and have shown countless others back home to themselves.

We have always been connected. There’s only the illusion that we aren’t. We just have to awaken and tap back into that part of us that is connected to Source, Spirit, God…

I am here to remind you that there is another dimension to our lives. It’s the world of Spirit, of energy, the energy that creates worlds, that flows through us … We are made of this divine energy. Everything is energy.

We have access to it.  Anytime we want.

When we tap into your Highest Self we find:

  • Freedom from whatever is holding you back and keeping you playing small in little girl energy, so you can take the bold, courageous steps in your life and business, but couldn’t before.

  • Inner power and strength to stand for your truth in your relationships, in your work, in your world, so your relationships can become deeper, and there’s less misunderstandings.

  • Inner wisdom that is divine and uniquely yours, to guide in decision making so that you can always answer your own questions based on what you need, not asking others their opinions of what you should do with your life.

It is not my place to define what your spirituality, your truths should look like. It is for you to reflect and know.

What does your experience tell you? That is what I honor and respect.

The truth is ….

It’s not your fault ….

Modern living, technology, the ability to be connected to everything at once is simply amazing, but paradoxically, it can leave us feeling very unhappy, disconnected and alone.

In today’s narrative, we have become obsessed with becoming successful at any cost, with our ability to consume at the forefront. Covid gave us a glimpse of what a more balanced life could look like with the work from home model, and that has changed everything. But our lives are full of mundane tasks, shallow interactions, petty thinking … it leaves us exhausted and feeling empty.

We were made to believe that the more successful we are and the more things we own, the more fulfilled and happy we will be …but what we’ve come to realize is at the end of the day … that was just a lie that they told us.

A little about me ❤️

I’m Shaheen, an empowerment coach + spiritual energy healer. I’m a mama to 3 boys, been with my French hubby for over 25 + yrs… Love my life so much now … and fun fact – I play “later in life” competitive tennis! It’s where I get to battle myself!

I created The Golden Thread because I needed it not so long ago and couldn’t find anything like it .. and I still need it today.

I hit a rock f’n bottom because I was living on auto-pilot, being who society and my family wanted me to be. I was in avoidance mode – numbing with wine + nightly xanax to sleep. I should have died many times, but God was looking after me. To bring me here today to serve you.

Once I hit my bottom, I knew I needed help immediately, that little voice was telling me …no matter how much it cost $$, if I didn’t get help, I would accidentally kill myself with wines and meds…. so I checked myself into a recovery center for 30 days.

I healed myself, with the help of Spirit. I faced my traumas. #sexual abuse #metoo victim … I released it. I discovered energy work, I committed to mastery, I healed others.. and now I want to help more people. I take you on the empowering, healing processes that saved my life, my marriage, that has given me this amazing career ….and I share with you in The Golden Thread Collective.

In The Golden Thread Collective

Spirituality and practicality unite to become a daily practice, an embodied prayer, that will empower you and connect you to a sustained, greater sense of meaning and purpose and fulfillment, so you can enjoy all that you have created.

You don’t have radically change your life, or live on a commune or take vows or join a church or cult. You can incorporate your version of your connectedness, your truths to your daily life, and what changes is how you experience it!

But you have to commit. This has to be so important to you that you are all in. To see and experience and embody the lasting results that I know are possible for you, I encourage you to stay in the Collective as long as you can and are called. This isn’t a quick fix… it takes time to unravel the threads of our conditioning. But the effort is beyond worth, because the result is YOU~

The Golden Thread Collective
Founders Member Pricing
Monthly & Quarterly

$27/ month * cancel anytime

The Golden Thread Collective
Annual Membership

– one year (you get 2 free months if you pay in full)

Join today to secure your
Founders Member Pricing

If you’re committed, and your heart is singing “YES! This is what I want in my life!” then join our community.

*Cancel anytime / no refunds*
Price will go up …

We begin in January! Dates TBD soon.


The first 5 people to sign up for the Annual Membership of $270 (which includes two free months!) will receive ONE FREE CONSULTATION CALL – 60 MIN ($333)

  • One live group spiritual energy clearing:

    • This is amazing! You submit what needs to be cleared (one topic at a time) and I do the clearing. We clear in your Akashic Records (these are your soul records), past and present lifetimes, karmic patterns, negative programs that keep you stuck, energetic heaviness.

  • One live guided meditation / activation session

  • Monthly recorded walking visualizations

  • Intuitive guidance and messages tailored to the community

  • Community sharing & connection via a private FB group

  • Access to all previous meditations

  • Bonus audio notes, videos, & intuitive messages for this group

  • Prompts and energetic practices we can explore together

  • Cancel anytime

    Your investment – $27 / mo
    *cancel anytime*

Your Golden Thread Collective membership includes:

*We begin in January ..dates of both calls to be determined. You will have access to all replays for as long as you are in the membership.

Your “future you” will thank you …

  • You will learn how to feel so confident that you will finally feel free from the expectations and opinions of others, so you can do what you want, when you want, without worrying about what anyone else will think of you. This is freedom!

  • You will learn how to deeply trust yourself. You’ll be able to access your own inner wisdom, the truth that lies within you so you will have your own answers, and can finally stop questioning yourself.

  • You will learn how to stop the negative chatter, stop beating up on yourself, stop being soooo hard on yourself, so you can shift your mindset and truly believe you are worthy of your dreams.

  • You will understand the relationship of intuition and your Highest Self, and how to create more sacred meaning in your life. I will show you how your desires are actually divine…and meant for you. You will have a newfound purpose to your life!

  • You will feel alive and energized by learning how to listen, recognize and m’f’n trust your divine guidance, the nudges, the feelings, the knowing that is coming from Source, this gives you the gift of clear thinking, and fear and anxiety will begin to vanish!

  • You will learn how to manifest and recognize the divine signs and synchronicities in your life, so that your life experience becomes rich and playful. You are divinely guided.

  • You will finally manifest the people in your life that are an energetic match to you. This can be partnerships, friendships, business relations, clients, etc.. you will call upon your tribe of people that will share your beliefs of how the world works when we awaken, your aspirations of creating a more meaningful, deep life … you don’t have to spend your energy on surface relationships anymore if you are craving deep friendships.

You don’t have to hit a rock bottom, get sick, divorced or move and change jobs to have a spiritual awakening.

Because waking up in the morning, knowing your purpose, feeling deeply fulfilled, in love with the people in your life, with your eyes and heart wide open, in touch with the meaning of your life …it’s f’n priceless and you can say YES to that, today …

And you will learn how to be in communication with your Highest Self, your guides to have divine support and guidance, to help you every single day. You already have access to this, we will cultivate and strengthen this gift!

Join me on this awaking and transformational journey! It would be my honor to have you here ….

In the Golden Thread Collective, you will be part of an uplifting, supportive, heart-centered community of amazing people.

They are not afraid to show up and look within …they know that what they want starts there and it is an inside job..

They wants to be free of the past, free of the stories …free of the chains that hold them back …

They want to awaken to their highest self…

They want to figure out what to do with this next chapter of their life, so they will feel fulfilled and happy.

They want to activate their highest potential and know in their heart that their desires are divine gifts that chose them, no one else so that they can go after their desires and turn them into realities.

They are learning to ask for help, and to be curious about their spirituality, their belief systems, their heart…

They dream of a life of freedom, freedom from cultural, social beliefs , freedom from expectations. Freedom to be whoever they want to be.

They crave to know what it means to live a life in alignment with her deepest desires

Let’s imagine a pearl necklace. Without the thread you just have twenty pearls that are rolling around. With the thread the pearls line up and create something new and complete.

All the things in your life are pearls, your relationships, your successful career, your family, your home, your accomplishments and come-backs, but they don’t have the same power when they are loose, rolling around and scattered.

But when they are joined by the Golden Thread, which is your meaning to your life, your connectedness to self, to spirit – they gather and create a stunning masterpiece.

They become bigger, have more meaning, more beauty than before.

The Golden Thread completes you.

Why should I join this collective?

A spiritual community is very important to our growth. We need the company of others with similar aspirations to encourage us as we travel our pathway. The most value comes when you participate and give your all with love, truth and caring.

It’s a sacred space to be curious, to explore your beliefs, to reframe your experiences. You will feel safe in the process as you grow and develop together.

You will be able to tap in to refuel, recharge and reconnect …. with your spirituality, your self, and other amazing souls just like you, so you won’t fall off the wagon like you’ve done a bunch before. In community, it’s easier to stay the path.

Together, we rise together in the collective. We celebrate and support each others journeys…

You will find your light, your love.

It’s time to redefine success while still achieving your goals.

The way we were taught about success is completely outdated. Success does not mean you will have inner peace, freedom, love, purpose …. Our pursuit of success and money often leave us without TIME and FREEDOM to enjoy the fruits of our labor, the relationships around us, the ability to go outside and reconnect and refuel with nature.

The human race leaves us feeling alone. Empty. No purpose greater than ourselves.

The illusion that we are disconnected from Source and its splendor, is the cause of so much unhappiness, loneliness, fear, looking for things in all the wrong places, anxiety and fear.

We’ve temporarily forgotten that we are connected to

Our divinity
Our planet
Mother nature and the animals
Ourselves, our mission and our inner truths.
Other people that we share the planet with.


  • Don’t worry, if you submit whatever you would like to be cleared using the form, I will add it to the list to be cleared. The replays will be availble.

  • You will have the opportunity to submit the question in a form in the membership site, and I will answer it live on the call. You will have access to the Q & A replay in our membership website.

  • You can cancel at any time. but you must logon to cancel or email us.

    Membership will renew automatically unless you cancel.

    However, there are no refunds.

    You must login to the portal to cancel your membership anytime or email 3 days before your membership renews.

  • If you choose the Annual Plan and you cancel during your first 30 day period, you’ll be eligible for a partial refund (your annual fee minus one month of membership at $35/mo and the cost of any Clearings or Activations you participated in during your first month).

    Otherwise, all membership fees are non-refundable.

  • All recordings will be available to you via the membership portal.

Are you ready to stop wasting precious time, being stuck in a rut, replaying the same stories over and over in your head … and step into the fulfilled, brilliant version of yourself that you know exists deep down in your soul?

Let’s go with yes!