What people are  saying  about Shaheen


I’m so grateful to get to work with incredible people all over the world to help them live with less stress and more success.


“Shaheen supported me during a very difficult time in my life. I felt vulnerable and scared despite my years of meditation and working as a therapist. I was dealing with a health crisis and it was triggering a lot of PST trauma and paranoia about my health, my relationship and the direction of my life.

Shaheen helped me discover a past life story that was causing me overwhelm through her incredible SRT skills. She helped me unlock some inner doors that were holding my happiness hostage and helped me parse through some very confusing emotions.

Over the course of 3 sessions, I went from incredibly ill, fearful and paranoid about my relationship – to totally fine, confident, and I fell back in love with my partner.

I’m so grateful for her loving guidance and support. I suggest anyone dealing with strong emotional charges and fears, love yourself enough to work with Shaheen. She has the magic touch with me.”

—Amelia Leon Harris, Author + Conscious Business Developer + Mentor

“Shaheen helped me cut the ties to some negative past life energy which was preventing me from showing up for myself fully. I am noticing that I am feeling more inspired and confident in who I am as a person and the choices I am making in my life.”

Mary B, LMFT

“Since my first SRT session with Shaheen, I feel relief and positive again.  SRT helps release any behavior that you may feel “stuck” in and Shaheen helped clear those blocks to inner guidance.  I wake up feeling lighter and brighter.  I am also moving forward with a positive outlook on career changes.  I feel great!”

—Jaime, Director

”I’ve had to let this marinate with my unfolding day to day life. Let me see if I can encapsulate the effect of our session.

You have given me a ton to process, and deeper insights about what is next for me in my soul evolution. First, is an understanding of what my soul has been grappling with over multiple life times. And how this has spilled into my current lifetime. I don’t understand how you tapped into this wisdom, yet that isn’t as important as how meaningful it is for me.”

—David M, California

“Shaheen helped me move through a vulnerable phase in my life while providing unconditional love and care.  She also provided some deep insights into what was in my blindspot that helped me shift a pattern I was stuck in.  I appreciate her directness to tell it like it is.  She also has this amazing ability to nurture me like a loving mother (which I don’t have) and she gave me permission to be with a difficult emotional process that I didn’t realize how hard I was being on myself!  I recommend working with Shaheen if you need someone to see your strengths and hold you with care and help you clear  the things you can see that aren’t serving you.”

—ALH, Mexico


“I am a human trying to feel better all the time, about whatever comes up in my energy or my world or my mind. I have tried so many different modalities of healing and clearing, psychic readings or past life readings.
I have tried so many different things and I can spot fraudulence pretty easily. Growing up as a kid with a lot of trauma I am highly aware and attuned to bullshit.

Shaheen is the real deal! I have had about 6 sessions with her through zoom, and I feel so much relief, I usually cry. A cleansing of tears happens, I am blown away by what comes up …. And the issues that she brings up, like when our higher selves suggested that we do some work around my father, and the issues that came up through her pendulum about my father, were literally 15 different things that completely fit.

It was just incredible that she was giving me this information. And all of it is 100% relevant and accurate.

After some sessions, I feel good and ready ….and there are others when I feel that I have to stop and restart.

Other sessions I go in and I am feeling really really bad and I am having some blocks. We even talk about things before a sessions and I tell her things I’m struggling with – like I feel blocked from giving myself self-care, and feeling blocked from self love and procrastinating on finishing things I start

….and she helps me unblock that energy and

Afterwards I feel a complete shift. I feel 80% better. I am a person who has never really felt 100% so 80% better is a lot. I love my sessions with Shaheen so much and I am going to continue them.

I have tried to get everyone I know to do them with her bc she has special talent and you should definitely jump in. It’s awesome!”

—Lala Sloatman, Actress & Stylist, Los Angeles

“I immediately felt the weight lift. Of everything negative I have been carrying on and in my body. Gone. I don’t have to carry any of it anymore. I am forever grateful to Shaheen for the gift of clearing.

Plus the whole left arm where I carried all of that shit still feels charged and strong! I’ve never felt so free or so open to accepting whatever it is that’s coming.

It feels amazing and I hate that word. But nothing short of that. All of the pain I was feeling in the area is gone. I one hundred percent feel a shirt. I keep having these holy shit moments of realization. They are priceless feelings of empowerment. I can never thank you enough. I one hundred percent feel a shift.”

—Jeff S, Santa Barbara

“I have had other energy work done but none of it was as specific or effective as my sessions with Shaheen. After each appointment, I feel lighter and stronger to fight the negative thoughts that arise in my head. The accuracy of the work amazes me each time and her warm aura comforts me through the process. I will continue to use her as a resource in my journey of trying to find balance through my spirituality and mental health.”

—Yvonne – Portland, OR


“You have shown me that there is a lot to learn about my inner self, about everyday things I struggle with and through. Your gift is helping me take control over the negative aspects of my life, removing them and creating positive changes.”

—Maria, SoCal 

”Shaheen’s healing gifts, life experience , and education puts her in a unique position as a practitioner. She can hold a container that orchestrates and understands from a multi dimensional emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

SRT is such a “simpatico” modality for Shaheen to offer. It offers precise and exacting dates, times, and transformation from the place in and beyond this 3-dimensional realm. We are multifaceted beings with an expansive soul lineage. We are mind, body and spirit living in a dynamic time. SRT is a modality for such times. Whether it be practical matters (like me) needing to clear interference for our house purchase, which went through exactly on the date Shaheen spoke to in our session. Or health issues, past lives, relationship dynamics, mental reprogramming, energetic clearing etc there is no limitation for what her work can do for you.

Be open to rapid change, spontaneous healing and a compassionate loving container that Shaheen holds with profound presence and impeccability. Prepare for the blessing her offering bestows.”



“I came to Shaheen because she has away about her that is so calming and kind. She puts a person at ease when they first meet her and she is easy to open up to…

I had been feeling depressed and couldn’t figure out why since I eel I am living the best life right now. We talked for awhile and she explained about unblocking resistance using her healing and energy techniques.

I can say at first I was unsure of it all but after sitting and talking through Zoom for an hour, I felt a calmness come over me.

The next day, Shaheen called me to see how I was doing, I told her I was feeling really good and felt like I had no worries at all. I had been cleared of clogged space. It is so hard to express on paper the feeling you have when you are free. I can’t wait for our next session.”

—Yvonne – Portland

“First impression that I had after the clearing was inner peace. I was feeling irritable and stressed before the session, I was amazed that I felt a switch turn on. Like being high without smoking. I’m incredibly grateful to have experienced that.

One of the things we worked on in the session was codependency. I had the uncomfortable situation of having to deal with that part of me recently. I cried, I struggled, and eventually… I just let go. I do believe the session with Shaheen opened up the opportunity in me to let go from old patterns.

I believe we all have ancestral knowledge on how to relieve ourselves from blockages in our lives, somewhere along the way, we forgot it. Shaheen serves as a kind guide into finding this part of ourselves again. I would absolutely recommend Shaheen.”

—Ines, Model and Actress, Atlanta


“I’m feeling very different, calmer, much more expanded, so much precise clearing I’m amazed. Like a lifting of the vale I’ve been under no matter what I try to do. So soul encouraging.”

—Robert, Bay Area

“My motivation and inspiration has come on x 10. I am ready to do great things that have been dormant. Thanks Shaheen”

—Danielle, Guatemala

“I feel like I had something lifted! It’s just really weird to explain the feeling that I have. It’s almost like a calmness but almost like excitement. It’s a feeling that is joyful for me, like an overwhelming happiness.”

—Jennifer, Washington

“I feel like a new man ever since this afternoon! It feels like I’m open and ready to accept any and all positive energies and changes. It feels like a brand new outlet. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am of what you have done for me!”

—Jack, Musician, California

“Working with Shaheen Plunier is pure satisfaction! She is calm, non-judgemental and thought-provoking; with an aim to lead you to solutions right for you, in/at this time. She helped me identify patterns and re-prioritized elements in my life for more overhaul, balance, happiness and effective productivity.

I often refer back to the concepts she introduced to me. The perspective she offers has been a game-changer in my life. Book your sessions now!”

—AB, Stylist, Designer, Author, Los Angeles

“In Shaheen I have found a sage guide whose calm demeanor and honest approach helped me open up my heart and find within myself the strength to achieve the transformation I sought in my life, but lacked the courage to pursue.

Since beginning my sessions with Shaheen, I have already made great strides towards achieving my goals with much success. With that has come a peace of mind that has been lacking in my soul for some time now.  I have begun a new journey in my life and I owe much of the force behind that transition to Shaheen!”

—Kurt B.,Creative Director, Artist, Photographer, Author

“Every session with Shaheen I come away feeling inspired, amazed, excited and empowered by the new discoveries and insights I was unable to perceive on my own. I feel like Shaheen is so naturally gifted as a coach.

In such a relatively small amount of time she has supported and guided me in emerging and drawing forth that which is my deepest desires, dreams and longings. Her encouraging, and skilled way of coaching has kept me on the track of having these heartfelt values be my guide in creating the life I’ve always longed for.”

—Christine, Northern California

“Shaheen Plunier calls herself a professional coach. She definitely is that, but she is also a LIFE coach. Not only is her manner welcoming, warm, comforting and kind, but she is also smart and on point with her guidance.

She opened recesses of my mind, heart and consciousness that have been shuttered for many years. She helped me to see myself in a positive and proactive perspective which enabled me to step up and do the work necessary to improve my situation.I felt incredibly comfortable with her – she gave me tools that I continue to use on a regular basis. She spoke to me with support and assurance.

The exercises we did together were FUN, and gave me insights to how I work and to what I can work on. Nothing was overwhelming anymore, and that offered me huge relief. Shaheen helped me find confidence, strength, courage and self-approval.

As someone who has spent many years in therapy, I am not a neophyte when it comes to guidance, and Shaheen is on par with any PhD with whom I’ve shared my insecurities.She is a star and a fantastic support and I will work with her as long as I can.I feel so lucky to know her!”

—Susan D., Curator, Artist


“Having never worked with a coach before, I was initially unsure that such an intimate approach was for me. But Shaheen Plunier’s warmth, sincerity and peaceful nature immediately put me at ease and enabled me to open up both to her and (more importantly) to myself.

Her intuitive exercises promote the kind of reflection necessary to effect real change and the personal and  realistic goals we set together inspire growth and confidence. I am grateful for the guidance and kindness

Shaheen has shared with me as she walks with me on my path of self-discovery and self-improvement. I cannot imagine a more committed, passionate and supportive partner on this journey.”

—Yvette, Executive Paralegal and Event Planner 

”I wanted to write this testimony about my experience with Shaheen’s holistic healing sessions and using this as a healthy addition to my journey to wellness.

I am one who endured trauma in various forms. Understanding trauma doesn’t have to always mean in physical form. Added to that, I recently lost my son to substance abuse. He was my youngest and we were close! We would get out of the house to rollerblade, go on beach trips, and camping trips together when he was young, as the other boys were busy with school sports, life, etc.

Soon after his passing, my body took on an autoimmune disorder that causes incredible pain and debilitating stiffness. This was most likely from life’s traumas taking a toll. After a year and a half of daily doses of prednisone, my body was still hurting. I feared I would be the patient on the longer end of prognosis.

I connected with Shaheen for holistic healing to accompany my medical treatment. We spoke about my recent experience losing a child, and my diagnosis with autoimmune. We really felt that this was blocking my healing process, recent and past trauma.

Shaheen explained the ability my body has to heal its own, and how these therapies help identify where programs and blocks are being held. She performed several Reiki healings in the beginning where I experienced an emotional and physical sense of peace and healing afterwards.

Several weeks later we did an SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) session where upon completion, there was a sense of cleansing peace within, and the acute pain I was feeling recently had subsided.

Through the SRT session, it was revealed to her some areas of blocked energy and behaviors or programs that could be impeding my progress to healing physically. I was given insight to behavior patterns that needed to change in order to be able to process the trauma and free my body to heal itself fully.

I was a desperate skeptic going into this and left feeling this too, can only help in healing. I highly recommend that those that are experiencing physical or emotional stagnation in their western medicine regimen to consider giving Shaheen a call and experience other avenues to healing.”

—LBK, Fine Arts Artist California