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The mindset strategy that changed my life and has made me successful.

If you answered yes to any of the above, this guide is for you!

What if you could

  • Be Present For Yourself and Loved Ones

    You will learn to slow down to calm your exhausted, overcharged nervous system, so you can be present to your life, to have more calm and clarity.

  • Put Down Your To-Do List

    Strategically putting your “to-do” list aside will free you to do what you want in your life. You will smile, laugh and be present to the magic around you.

  • Feel Alive From the Inside Out

    Experience joy and light radiating from within your being.

I’m here to help you slow down in your business and life, so you can be present to what matters most!

I’ve been down that fast-paced, incredibly productive, wear many hats road (over 25+ years worth and mom to three boys)!

I help amazing women like you {driven, high performing, incredibly successful} slow down, meet yourself where you are, and learn to navigate life’s path towards a life that you absolutely love and enjoy.

What My Clients Are Saying

  • “Your gift is helping me take control over the negative aspects of my life, removing them and creating positive changes.”
    - Maria F, Los Angeles, CA

  • “I often refer back to the concepts she introduced to me. The perspective she offers has been a game-changer in my life. Book your sessions now!.”
    -Agnes Baddoo, Stylist, Author, Designer

  • My motivation and inspiration has come on x 10. I am ready to do great things that have been dormant.

    Thanks Shaheen!

    - Danielle

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