Offers Ready For The New Year

sold out offers

Ready to start 2024 off feeling so confident, with your offer in hand, a launch plan with all of your marketing ready to go? You’ll learn the art of selling in your authentic way, so you’ll be sought after and booked out!

3 Day Workshop
Tuesday, Nov. 28 & Thursday, Nov. 30, Thursday. Dec. 5
11am PST PLUS a bonus live Q and A on Jan 4!

$47 ($333)!!
OMG this is seriously the best, no brainer deal ever!

This workshop is perfect for you if….

  • You are ready to create your offers, but you are in your head and overwhelmed and not able to make progress.

  • You want to learn how to call in and speak to your dream clients, and effectively communicate how amazing your offer is and how it is perfect for them!

  • You are ready to start the new year with an offer, marketing material, content and a sales strategy in hand, so you can sell out your offers.

  • You are ready to learn how to sell with confidence, ease and grace, from your soul so it won’t feel weird and pushy. I want this to become second nature to you.

  • Selling or sharing your offers feel frustrating, anxiety provoking and uncomfortable?

imagine if….

  • You could start each day knowing exactly what steps to take to build your coaching business to effectively communicate the value of your services

  • Your fear of getting wrong is transformed into a deep knowing that your offer and content are in alignment with you, and you can’t get it wrong.

  • You were a part of a community of coaches cheering you on and a coach there to support you

  • You stopped second guessing yourself and you could confidently say, “I’m fully booked,” just weeks after launching your offers.


sold out offers workshop

What you’ll get:

  • 3 trainings and 1 bonus live Q and A call on Wed. Jan 3, to get you ready to sign clients in Jan 2024

  • $47 Black Friday special (Regular $333)

  • Lifetime access, email templates, social media templates

If you are one to like the VIP treatment and personal direction, you can upgrade to a week of Voxer with me to get my eyes on your business and copy the following week for only $333 (includes a 30 min call too!)

Once you’ve finished the intensive:

  • you will have clarity and feel connected to your offer so selling won’t feel uncomfortable because you are sharing your truth

  • my winning sales page template so you can create a sales page that converts people into clients

  • Social media posts and emails ready for your launch

  • the confidence to talk about your offer so you can attract and magnetize yor ideal, dream clients

  • A launch plan for your offer in the new year

  • A proven process of how to create an offer and sell it, that you can use over and over again.

Black friday special


(Regular price $333)

Course Pricing

crazy black friday special!


Meet Your Coach 

Hey! I’m Sarah Shine 

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You ready to get started with me? 

This is a hands-on intensive is for the woman who is ready to get the offer out of her head and into the hands of her future clients. You’ll leave with an offer and marketing material in hand, and a super simple sales strategy to implement in January to start your year off with a bang

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