Sacred Womanhood (Copy)

  • she’s better with age

    Welcome to your midlife journey, becoming the confident, radiant woman you are meant to be.

  • welcome to the school of sacred womanhood

    A journey of coming back to who you really are: your energy, your soul, your essence, your natural state of being and the the true desires of your heart.

  • You are here to create a powerful and meaningful life

    This is your invitation to live with purpose and intention.

  • you came here for magic, let’s turn it on midlife

    It’s your time to shine. Your time to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. You are more than being a mom, a wife, a partner. You want to be excited about growing older, but society conditioned us to think it’s bad and we should be ashamed.

She’s better with AGe

is a three month group coaching program (or a self-paced course) for the woman who is ready to embrace who she is at this point in her life, live with intention, find her “light up your soul” purpose and step into the worthy, wise and beautiful goddess, no matter of her age.

It’s time to shift the “aging paradigm” and revolutionize “midlife” for women.
Group coaching begins week of March 6


life becomes more beautiful with age

We have the divine opportunity to reinvent who we want to become as we grow older. As we shift the narrative around aging, we embrace the process welcoming in a new era for ourselves. We finally have time to cultivate our purpose in life, our passions, and it’s high time that we begin to feel worthy of all that we have dreamed of for ourselves.

It’s time to change the narrative around self-worth and aging.

do any of these scenarios hit home?

  • Are you tired of looking for validation from others, when you know it needs to come from inside your first?

  • Are you tired of doubting yourself and feeling embarrassed and ashamed about growing older, and you are ready to look at yourself through a kinder lens?

  • Are you wondering when it will be your time to do what YOU want to do, and not what others need from you?

  • Are you ready to embrace becoming the wise woman that you are inherently?



  • Love yourself unconditionally, wrinkles and grey hair, and show up daily in your full power, confident and radiant to be you at this age.

  • Fully heal and release the resentments and hurts of the past, so you can step into your future with no regrets and no baggage?

  • Rekindle the spark in your relationship with your partner, that goes beyond the date night so you can enjoy midlife together?

  • Wake up and know that you have a purpose beyond the roles you have played until now (mom, wife, employee)?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to help.


sacred womanhood: better with age

This 3 month group coaching program will help you fully embrace midlife, becoming and loving the wise, worthy woman that you are so you can live intentionally and on purpose. If you prefer to only take the course (no community nor group coaching support), no problem!



  • You will walk with a new appreciation and belief in yourself. Your magnetism will be turned.

  • You will have rewritten the script of what it means to be midlife, and you will tell people your age, without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

  • You’ll raise the bar for generations to come. Our daughters will look forward to aging and our sons will encourage the women around them to age gracefully, and they are beautiful and perfect as they are.

  • You’ll feel the weight lifted. You won’t be carrying around the invisible heaviness and dread of getting old. You will wake each day, feeling fresh and truly bone deep grateful to be alive.

  • You will learn how to physically release trauma and stress from your body, so you can reset your energy and set intentions to manifest the life that you dream of next.


HEY! I’M shaheen plunier

I spent my entire life selflessly giving to my family, being the “good girl,” people pleasing, doing what everyone thought I should be doing. Three boys, 25+ years of marriage, multiple careers, all the things.

At 45, I broke down and almost died. My unhealed childhood trauma caught up with me. I couldn’t pretend to be happy nor perfect any longer.

I realized that I could no longer live the way I was. It was time to feel worthy in my skin and become fulfilled in my life (not just by houses, jobs, material things). And I realized that I couldn’t fully do this until I accepted my “age.” I was tired of fighting my age, feeling bad about myself every time I looked in the mirror.

I noticed my clients were experiencing the same shame and resistance. It’s when I realized that it’s time to address this on a bigger level.


what you’ll get during our six weeks together:

    • Two 60-minute live group coaching calls a month for 3 months

    • Connect, get coached & activate the best version of you through the power of a like-minded community.

    • Calls will begin with a short meditation and breathing exercise

    • Bring to life the content from the modules

    • Give you an opportunity to ask questions

    • Provide a supportive space to be coached in a group container through mindset blocks keeping you stuck

    • Six total interactive online sessions are uploaded every 2 weeks to activate transformation in your life + business. These sessions will feature:

    • A new guided meditation

    • Teaching sessions with me

    • A purposeful practice to integrate into your life to activate results

    • Every 2 weeks we will focus on a new daily mindset & manifestation practice. Expected results include

    • Increase in confidence and self-worth for midlife

    • Expanded lightness & joy

    • Unexpected opportunities will come your way

    • Increased calm & security

    • Happier, more fulfilling relationships

    • Increased trust in yourself

    • Courage to go after your dreams, finally!

    • Inspired actions that create easier than normal results you want

  • You’ll be part of a group voxer experience where you’ll be supported by me and your peers. Here we create a close knit community and you can make friends for the rest of your life.

    I’ll be in Voxer supporting you once a day M – F

i have good news for you!

You have the power to transform your life.
You deserve to feel more confident and worthy as you age.
You have limitless potential!
Better With Age will show you how!

Here’s what we’ll cover in
She’s better with age

Module 01

  • When was the last time you asked yourself “What do I want?” Here we create space so you can figure out what you want and what brings you joy, so that by the end of the course, you will be clear and have clean energy to do exactly that.

    If you don’t know what your purpose is or what your passions are, don’t worry. I will take you through a process where you will find your answers, within yourself.

  • Once we determine what you want from life, we figure out what is getting in your way and we remove the limiting beliefs. You are limitless and you can accomplish anything that you want to do! I’m here to support you and help you create confidence you need to do the thing!

Module 02

  • We deep dive into our past, the hurts, the injustices and we heal on a deep level and extract the lessons.

    We highlight your amazing strengths and bring it all forward to create the solid foundation of your midlife.

Module 03

  • We have such body shaming today, especially as we age. We heal our relationship with our body and learn to love and honor the woman that you are!

Module 04

  • We bring it all together! You’ll step into the woman you are meant to be! Wise, glorious, proud and happy to be you.

Module 06

  • You will learn how to communicate so your needs can be heard and met. Set boundaries with love so you are able to protect your personal peace.

Module 04


PLUS, you’ll get all this bonus on top of all that learning… 

For both the group program and the self-paced course, you’ll have access to the She’s Better With Age Facebook group, where you can create new friendships, cheer each other on and support each other!

3 monthly payments of



let’s talk money, honey!

six week group coaching program

One-time payment of


(that’s $300 off!)

6 monthly payments of



3 monthly payments of



self-paced course (no group support, nor voxer)

better with age – self-paced course

One-time payment of


(that’s $200 off!)

6 monthly payments of



If you think this sounds amazing but need more info

I’ve been exactly where you are By taking this course…

I let society convince me that growing older is something to be embarrassed about. Despite the fact that I had it all, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I didn’t feel worthy or confident. I was criticizing myself and secretly very depressed about getting older, even though life was getting easier. So I pulled my head out of my ass, and addressed the “issue” head-on. I cured my sadness and shame about entering midlife, and NOW – I feel newly confident, happy and loving midlife. My relationship with my husband has improved, I’m a better mom and friend!

Get A Sneak Peek Of The Course!



live group calls

Six group coaching
Calls begin with a short meditation + breathing exercise. An opportunity to bring to life the content taught in the modules. Time for Q & A + hot seat coaching to help with mindset blocks, celebrations!

Interactive online modules

interactive online sessions are uploaded every week to activate transformation in your life + business. These sessions will feature:

  • A new guided meditation

  • Teaching sessions with me

  • A purposeful practice to integrate into your life to activate results

GROUP voxer support

You’ll have access to a private group Voxer with me and your peers! We will celebrate your wins, and support each other as we need.

  • Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course, but not to the live group coaching nor voxer support.

  • You will have access to all the online modules + online teachings. It will be located in your student portal.

    You will have access to the She’s Better With Age FB group.

  • It is not! But you can upgrade at anytime if you like.

  • The lessons will be released every two weeks.

Still have some questions?
I’ve got you covered.

  • Yes, absolutely!

  • Voxer is an app that allows us to text and leave voice notes. It’s a great way to communicate with each other!

    You will be in Voxer with other ladies in the program.

    I will check the messages and respond once day, M-F!

  • The FB group is an online community with all the members of She’s Better With Age. This is the perfect place to connect and build friendships, even when your course is over.

Ready to step into midlife feeling confident and worthy?

Midlife will become the best part of your life. We will go on a deeply healing journey that will set you free so you can love and savor this part of your life.