Rekindle: Reconnect and reignite the spark with the one you love


Learn #1 secret which breaks up marriages, and how to navigate around it.

Ready to know the secret?

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Tuesday, October 18 @ 11am PST
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In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • The number one secret which breaks up marriage, and how to navigate around it. It isn’t what you think!

  • How to become magnetic and irresistible in your relationship so you don’t have to “beg” for attention.

This masterclass is for the high-achieving woman who has accomplished so much in life yet feels distant and disconnected from her partner …

I have been in your shoes, feeling really distant from your husband / partner. Seriously wondering why you feel so disconnected … it seems you both live in separate worlds.

You give everything to everyone, with what feels like very little in return. You used to be close. The communication and intimacy used to be easy and flowing.

But it’s off …

You’ve tried the date night strategy. It sometimes works, although it can feel forced. The “after glow” remains for a bit, but the dynamics quickly revert back to the same old story.

You’ve tried to schedule “meetings.” You’ve tried talking to him, but you feel like you are just nagging him, begging for attention, and we know how that ends up.

You feel resentful and frustrated, scared that maybe the distance is too great… praying it’s not the dreaded “D” word, but knowing that it might be the next step.

Believe me when I say, I have been there. I spent 22 years of our 25 years together, struggling to feel connected, contemplating leaving… (and divorce) many, many times - but also knowing we had amazing times, and a family.

The best part, in the past 3+ year, I had many personal breakthroughs and discovered new ways of being of how to be happy, create closeness and intimacy in my marriage, and I want to share it with you.

You don’t have to feel distant and disconnected again … it may take time or it may be instantaneous … but it’s priceless.

Who am I to teach this?

I’m Shaheen! I’m a mama to three boys, and have been with and married to the same man, for over 25 years! (And I am only 47 years old …lol!). I’m also a certified life coach, + several masters and many years of entrepreneurship and corporate experience.

I understand deeply the challenges of keeping a relationship going, amidst all the curve balls life throws. Running businesses together, having children, the deaths and losses, the career changes, money ups and downs, accidents that take your partner out of commission ..… you name it, we have been through it. And we have been on the brink of divorce several times….

But 25 years later, I realize that my marriage and our happiness together, is my greatest success. I’ve had to do the work and healing to get it here, and it’s my mission to hep you have a thriving, healthy and happy relationship and lead you back to love with your beloved.

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Let’s rekindle and respark your relationship …I’ll show you how!

Tuesday, October 18 @ 11 am PST
via Zoom
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A few loving words from clients ❤️ …

Working with Shaheen Plunier is pure satisfaction! She is calm, non-judgemental and thought-provoking; with an aim to lead you to solutions right for you, in/at this time.

Agnes Baddoo - designer, stylist author

In Shaheen I have found a sage guide whose calm demeanor and honest approach helped me open up my heart and find within myself the strength to achieve the transformation I sought in my life, but lacked the courage to pursue.

Since beginning my sessions with Shaheen, I have already made great strides towards achieving my goals with much success. With that has come a peace of mind that has been lacking in my soul for some time now.  I have begun a new journey in my life and I owe much of the force behind that transition to Shaheen!    

KB, Creative Director, Artist, Photographer, Author

“Over the course of 3 sessions, I went from incredibly ill, fearful and paranoid about my relationship - to totally fine, confident, and I fell back in love with my partner.

I’m so grateful for her loving guidance and support. I suggest anyone dealing with strong emotional charges and fears, love yourself enough to work with Shaheen. She has the magic touch with me

Amelia Leon Harris, Author + Conscious Business Developer + Mentor

Reconnect and reignite the spark with the one you love, beyond the occasional date night, so you won’t feel lonely in your partnership and can experience love and closeness everyday.