Take the Quiz and Discover Your Empowered Persona

Take the Quiz and Ignite Your Midlife Passion

discover your empowered persona today!

Do you ever find yourself feeling like there’s more you’d love to do, experience and accomplish in this life?

But also wondering if it’s too late?

  • Maybe you’ve done everything right to have the American dream, but you still find yourself wondering “Is this it?”

  • Maybe you feel stuck in a career or life that is no longer fulfilling you…

  • Maybe you feel shame that you should have it all figured out already, but you still find yourself wondering “What’s next?”

If this is you …it’s not too late!
Midlife is the perfect time to uplevel a part of your life.
take this quiz, say good bye to feeling stuck in a rut and unlock your true empowered persona!

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insights into your passions, strength, and purpose, so you can be happy and fulfilled!

A curated podcast list created just for your persona type to fuel your growth.

personalized Tips, strategies and steps to help you become the women you are meant to be! and the things you need to pay attention to!

before we go any further…

HEY! I’M shaheen plunier

I spent my entire life selflessly giving to my family, being the “good girl,” people pleasing, doing what everyone thought I should be doing. Three boys, 25+ years of marriage, multiple careers, all the things.

At 45, I broke down and almost died. My unhealed childhood trauma caught up with me. I couldn’t pretend to be happy nor perfect any longer. I had the proverbial “midlife crisis!”

I realized that I could no longer live the way I was. It was time to feel worthy in my skin and become fulfilled in my life (not just by houses, jobs, material things). And I realized that I couldn’t fully do this until I accepted my “age.” I was tired of fighting my age, feeling bad about myself every time I looked in the mirror.

I noticed my clients were experiencing the same shame and resistance. It’s when I realized that it’s time to address this on a bigger level.

It’s time to turn our “midlife crisis” into our “midlife awakening!”

Join me in the What’s Your Midlife Persona Quiz, so you can create the best, most fulfilling midlife ever!