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What if you could quantum leap to $10K+ months & create a new money identity (just like the wealthy entrepreneurs you admire)!

 Let’s do it!

Are you ready to master a magnetic money mindset that gets you to your first 10K months faster than you could have dreamed of?

Let’s go with yes!

The problem is …

You are watching women kill it online. They are bringing in 100k – 500k and beyond a year. Stay at home moms. Women who have changed careers and are new coaches. They are launching courses, signing 1:1 high ticket clients.

You wonder what they have that you don’t?!

You are trying to do the same. You follow “their formulas.” Creating offer after offer. But you aren’t selling out.  You aren’t even hitting multi-four figures, much less 5 figures with your courses, clients, FB groups!

You know you should be further along, but you are stuck!

I totally get it! I’ve been stuck there too.

I’ve cracked the code in creating an unshakable mindset & sprinkling it with aligned actions.

And I am so damn excited to share it with you!

I’ll show you the mindset secrets to propel you to your first 5 figure months!

Introducing my proven 21 day transformation!

Magnetic Money Mindset:
For Your First 10K+ Months and Beyond!

The 21 Day Transformation

 How do theses women create such an unshakable foundation in their mind that allows this wealth? 

Some may call it manifestation, money mentality, or abundance mindset. It can be ALL of those things!

But here’s how you get there …

It all boils down to mindset HABITS.

Intentional ACTIONS.

And an identity SHIFT!

The thoughts you think every day over and over about money.

The thoughts you think about yourself.

The aligned actions that you take!

How do you create a more positive habits?

How do you create a belief so strong, an unwavering faith in yourself?

How do you keep your eyes on the prize, even when your monthly goals are not so great?

How can you create your own money mindset that allows 10k months, 100k quarters and million dollar years?

Imagine if you could …

  • You could hit your 10K months and beyond regularly?

  • You could create a foundation of confidence so unwavering that you no longer hold yourself back with waves of doubt, questioning and disbelief

  • If you could stop comparing yourself to others, and be genuinely happy for their success, knowing there is enough for everyone to go around?

  • Get rid of that stomach ache over money (you know the one) that happens when bills pile up or a big unexpected expense comes in.

    – Stop feeling fear around money and finally have fun with the energy around it.


 I know you have tried …

 ‍♀️ Dabbling in meditation

Listening to podcasts on manifesting & business

✨ Creating multiple dream boards

Repeating affirmations

Reading books on achieving your dreams

But what happens in between these moments of clarity?

You fall back on the old thoughts and patterns that drag you back into your survival mode called life.

You see….our brains want to keep us safe.

Our brains create fear and the fear wants us to believe it’s possible for others to make money online but not us!

Our fear keep us from doing the scary things that bring in actual money!

And we become stuck! Frustrated. We work even harder but nothing changes. It’s so depressing we want to quit…and some of us do, just before the dream is about to come true!

There’s another way my friends! I want to show you how!

It’s why I created the Magnetic Money Mindset to call in your 10K+ months – in quantum leaps.

Inside Magnetic Money Mindset, we will create a brand new habit about how we feel and think about…
Our business
Our dreams.


What’s included:












It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


— Quote Source



 Frequently asked questions ….


 Imagine if you could….

Release all resistance of money flowing into your life.

Understand and embody that there is plenty of money for everyone! Erasing your previous money scarcity limiting beliefs.

Feel so worthy that making 10K+ months becomes a thing of the past! You are now looking forward to your next money goals!

Create a foundation of confidence so you no longer hold yourself back with waves of doubt, questioning and disbelief

What if you could …

 – Stop watching other women make millions online wondering how they do it?

  – Stop limiting your own dreams around money, thinking they must have something you don’t.

 – Get rid of that stomach ache over money (you know the one) that happens when bills pile up or a big unexpected expense comes in.

– Stop feeling fear around money and finally have fun with the energy around it.

 Magnetic Money Mindset

 Women in online businesses are growing faster than ever before. Many women are speeding past their husbands salaries, retiring their husbands and creating generational legacy.

More millionaires and billionaires are being created today than ever before in history.
Money has never before been such an abundant resource.
It’s never been EASIER to make money than it is today. 

You must have thoughts about money that are positive, allow for growth and abundance and enjoy the ride.

Still working on this part!

Say out-loud, “I Love MONEY”

What does it bring up? Do you feel icky, do you feel bad? Feel a little guilt? If you feel anything negative, you are not in flow with money. You are blocking it from freely flowing into your life!


Money is not good or bad, people are good wealthy.
People do wonderful things for their families, society and even strangers.
Bad people with money are well bad.


But what does this have to do with you?


You must have positive feelings about money and your business.
You MUST create a new habit around money and it starts with HABIT.

Magnetic Money Mentality lays the foundation of this new money thought process.

In 21 days you will….


Create a new habit about how you think about money


Create new goals that will inspire you.


Money Mindset is a muscle that needs strengthening every day. In 21 days this mental muscle will have magic happening around you.

In 21 days you will:

create a solid foundation of new beliefs

Create an unself-confidence for the money to come in and allow you to dream big again!

What if you could strengthen your very own Money Mindset in just 21 days!

 By taking these proven steps each day for 21 days, true abundance will be within your reach.



The Real Truth!
Success in the online business world is 80% mindset, 20% action.

What are you waiting for?

“Shaheen’s healing gifts, life experience , and education puts her in a unique position as a practitioner. She can hold a container that orchestrates and understands from a multi dimensional emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. Be open to rapid change, spontaneous healing and a compassionate loving container that Shaheen holds with profound presence and impeccability. Prepare for the blessing her offering bestows.”

Shaman, Mystic and Healer

 You know deep down that the answer to your goals is not in the next program on the outside but instead, it’s inside of you.

You have no problem cleaning out the files in your computer, or the old clothes in your closet that no longer serve you. 

It is time to clean out your negative programming.

 Here is the sad truth… 

There are thousands of women on the edge of 6 and 7 figure success that deep down don’t know if they will make it.

There are even more women that self sabotage their actions without even knowing.

Many women may even close their business all because of something that was said to them in their childhood that they don’t even remember on a conscious level.

What the real truth is…

✨ It doesn’t have to be hard

✨ You don’t need years of therapy to uncover it

✨ You don’t have to recall any past pain to discover it.

✨ You can reach these goals faster than you think. 

It’s your turn for Quantum Healing … your Luxury Clearing Awaits You!


Some amazing words from my clients…

Are you ready to access a way of being, seeing, and knowing that supports you in all you desire to create?

Let’s go with yes!

Why is it called LUXURY CLEARING?

  • You get results in one to two hours usually takes years of therapy to heal and clear! Savings tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. You simply cannot put a price tag on this! It’s PRICELESS!

    I work with therapists and they send me their clients when they are really stuck, so we can breakthrough whatever is holding them down or pull through a repeating negative spiral.

  • The Clearing allows you to manifest and receive your desires faster, because we clean up your vibration and you can get out of your own way!

  • We clear the energetic patterns that do not serve you.

    There are ways of thinking and being that will now fall away and you can begin to create new patterns that match your dreams and desires!

  • You are treating yourself to meeting your High Self, who guides the detailed and precise clearing,

  • You will continue to clear and open and ascend, even after the clearing is “complete.”

    It happens on the quantum level, beyond space and time!

  • In the clearing, we clear for past lives, present lives, and future lives. We collapse time – it sounds crazy but it’s real and true and magic! ✨

  • You will learn why you have blocks and programs in your subconscious mind in great detail.

    You will learn about what is in your Akashic Records, you soul records, that needs to be cleared and positively reprogrammed!

    You will have access to detailed and very specific information that you will only find in a clearing.

  • The clearing takes place via Zoom, and you are in the luxury of your own home!

    You simply get cozy, light a candle if ya like and join me!

    Luxury awaits you!

    And you are giving yourself the gift of saving time, quantum healing that goes beyond space and time, and you are transforming for your highest good!

  • You are giving yourself the gift of transformation for your highest good! And your optimum well being! The Universe wants to cheer you on!

Hi there, I’m Shaheen!

I’m a certified mindset and business coach and healer.

I know you have the world on your shoulders and your “to-do list” never ends!

Running your own business is intense, and we can lose ourselves quickly in the race. With over 25 + years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, two masters degrees – an Executive MBA and a Masters of Art in French, and plenty of certifications, and a mom to three boys , I have juggled it all and know how you feel!


The work that I do has come to be because of my life experience!










  • REIKI PRACTIONER levels 1 and 2 Holy Fire




  • GENE KEYS guide

  • LAW OF ATTRACTION lifetime student

  • aspiring OIL PAINTER







Here’s What You Need To Do Next!

  • Decide

    Pick what you need the most help with in your business from the Luxury Clearing Menu

  • Choose

    Choose which Luxury Clearing package is best for you, depending on how deep and wide you want to clear. If you need help, schedule a call with me.

  • Book

    Book your package and let’s get to it, so you can manifest faster and bigger.

 Choose From Your Luxury Clearing Menu:

Pick the areas that you are stuck and need the most help with! We can dive into specifics in our session.

  • Let’s get your energetics clear so you can be 100% confident, radiant and ready for your launch!

    Clear any blocks, insecurities, fears you may have around your current offers! And we will clear the energetics so you can create more aligned offers that resonate with you and your clients!

  • Let’s clear any blocks around the day to day business maintenance so you don’t get behind in paying bills, keeping records, etc.

    We can clear self-defeating blocks / programs that keep you indecisive. Also clear so your soul can be in alignment with every decision that you make in your business!

    Let’s clear your energy so you stop procrastinating, so you can get the necessary tasks done in your business! It’s all here to serve you.

  • Clear any blocks / resistance you may have to creating aligned marketing that will attract your ideal clients!

    Get clear around your messaging, aligning it with your truth so you can share and monetize your truth with the world while magnetizing your ideal clients to you.

    Unblock and unlock your creativity so you can create your marketing materials, offers, social media content in abundance with ease and flow.

    Let’s clear so you can show up on IG or FB lives with confidence! And you can put yourself out there without worrying what other people think of you anymore!

  • Clear the energetics so you can create a money making mindset that is unstoppable and ready to attract abundance.

    Attract and magnetize your ideal clients that will be best served by your work.

    Clear to get your mindset in the right place, to help you believe in yourself that you can be, have and do anything you want!

    We can clear hidden subconscious energies that are keeping your vibration low! We can raise your physical and aura vibrations so you can shine in your business and attract the abundance you desire and stay above the negative nonsense.

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Your Luxury Clearing Programs
Get in on this before April 22 to have access to your Higher Self Meditation + workbook!

  • The Transformation Accelerator | 2 Week Program

    ➾ 1 x 90 min. Clearing Session

    ➾ 1 x 45 min. “bonus” Raising Your Vibration Clearing Session scheduled 3-14 days after first clearing session.

    ➾ Mindset Workbook

    ➾ Custom Report and Strategic Plan

    {all sessions happen via Zoom / phone}


  • The Quantum Leap | 6 Week Program

    ➾ 2 x 90 min. Clearing Sessions

    ➾ 2 x 45 min. “bonus” Raising Your Vibration Clearing Sessions scheduled 3-14 days after each 90 min clearing

    ➾ Mindset Workbook

    ➾ Custom Report and Strategic Plan

    {all sessions happen via Zoom / phone}


  • Collapsing Time | 12 Week Program

    ➾ 3 x 90 min. Clearing Sessions

    ➾ 3 x 45 min. “bonus” Raising Your Vibration Clearing Sessions scheduled 3-14 days after each 90 min Clearing Session.

    Voxer Coaching | 12 weeks – M-F, 9- 5 PST {I support you on your steps to transformation – this is the highest level of access to me!}

    ➾ Mindset Workbook

    ➾ Custom Report and Strategic Plan

    {all sessions happen via Zoom / phone}