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I help you become free from the inside out.

Hi there!

  •  Have you ever felt like something is missing from you life, even though you are successful and your life “checks” all the boxes?

  • Do you ever lay awake at night, and yearn for something more? You ask yourself, “Is this it?”

  • Do you make changes that don’t last? Only to find yourself back where you started?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help you get the best from yourself, from others and from life!

    It’s all within you.

Here are the different ways we can work together.


    Meet your High Self as you we clear subconscious blocks and negative energies so you can be present in your life, and make your “wish list” your reality. You will experience a newfound calm clarity in your busy mind.


    Welcome to my personal blend of healing + clearing + soul purpose readings + coaching & mentoring that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be, in quantum leaps!

    You will have the most exclusive and highest access to me.

I help people become free from the inside out.

I’m Shaheen, an empowerment coach and spiritual energy healer.

I help amazing people like you – visionary, high achieving, with the biggest heart ❤️.

I know how hard you work, and how fast you go. You do everything for everyone.

I show you how to slow down and become present so you can create and savor a life that you love.

I show you how to heal and become free from the limitations we place on ourselves.

With over 25 + years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, two masters degrees and plenty of certifications, and a mama to 3 boys , I have juggled it all, burned out, had a really scary mid-life crisis…

I have done the work, healed, broken free from negative programming, and self and societal imposed limitations, and empowered myself to where I am now!

Happy, in love, playing tennis, making money doing what I love!

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Create lasting change in three easy steps!

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    Decide which service best suits your needs! I offer 1:1 Clearing Sessions, Group Courses, and 1:1 Coaching Intensives

  • 2. Book

    Book it! Or schedule a call with me! I would love to talk to you to determine which service would be best for you.

  • 3. Love Your Life

    Congratulate yourself for taking the first step to become a new person! Let’s do this!


 What My Clients Are Saying


FREE! Mindset In Business Guide:

Five Tips to Help You Slow Down, Declutter Your Mind and Be More Present to the Things that Matter the Mostm(in under five minutes!)

It’s so easy to get caught up in running our businesses, our to-do lists, our many jobs! It can be soul-draining … and we can miss what is happening right in front of our eyes because we are so caught up in what we have to do and deal with!

So I made this guide to help us slow down … reconnect with ourselves … to become present to ourselves … so that we are able to create a life that we love!