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Hey there! I’m
shaheen plunier

I help women who are in or approaching midlife learn to accept and love themselves unconditionally (despite the “midlife” stigma), learn how to feel worthy and fulfilled so they can finally enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard for.

Official Bio

shaheen is a certified coach & advanced spiritual energy healer.

She had it all. The kids. The husband. Multiple homes. The 6+ figure career. But she didn’t feel like she thought it would. She wasn’t happy. She wasn’t being honest with herself about how she truly felt, how growing older was affecting her, and what she wanted (because she didn’t even know who she was) – until she lost her job and her world came crumbling down.


She thought her life and marriage were over when she got fired so she checked herself into a recovery center. Little did she know it was the “beginning of the best part of her life.”

She became a coach and healer and is here to help you to heal what’s holding you back and design a life and career that you love, no matter how old you are or where you are at on your journey.

With over 25 + years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, two masters degrees and plenty of certifications, and mama to 3 boys, she has juggled it all. Living in Los Angeles, she’s styled A list actors, celebrities and musicians, co-owned an international clothing company and high end boutiques, as well as working as a doula + Kundalini pre-natal yoga teacher.

Headshots & Brand Images

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