Heal Your Marriage

Do you stay or you do you go now?

Are you in a relationship, at a painful dead end, feeling bored, stuck, resentful and wondering if you should stay or divorce.

You are deeply craving the love and the romance and the harmony that you used to have.

Are you ready to take your power back, reclaim your happiness and re-write the rules of your relationship, while you create a happier marriage!

Introducing The Confident, Fulfilled Woman in Love

Become her .. join me for this the Confident, Loving Partner that has a beautiful relationship that makes her heart sing!

In order to heal your relationship …spoiler alert must heal yourself first.

Our actions are often rooted in subconscious patterns, that stem from past experiences, culturural standards, our families lineage, our own trauma …etc..

Do you have patterns of neediness?

Have you lost yourself in your relationship?

You don’t have to please and over give to be loved … men love us for who we are … learn how to stop trying so hard. We will shift our beliefs on you being lovable, for you are, who you be! When you believe you are lovable for who you are, you don’t have to try so hard.

Are you looking to him / her for praise, constant support and ackowledgement?

Do you treat your partner like you are perfect, and he should be as well!

You know when you are being manipulative, trying to get what you want?

Do you know how to navigate feelings of guilt?

For the woman who desires to be heard, seen, loved and respected in their relationship.

Erase the old relationship stories that aren’t serving you, and create new ones, for your new paradigm.

Do want to praise your partner, and not criticize

You want clarity in your relationship?

Stop the rabbit hole of arguments

  • Learn to resolve conflict in minutes not years

  • Understand the language of man and woman

Join me on this life changing journey. You are giving yourself the gift of you …and your partnership and marriage will thank you.

You see we aren’t taug

Take Back Your Power

People pleasing
Releasing the shame

Communication – Masculine + Feminine Energies

Nurturing Yourself
Free to Choose


Your Husband and his needs

Take back your power

Marriage – what does it mean

The nature of marriage

Your goals

Reframe / Re-evaluate

Take back your power

Intimacy …

Your sweetness