How I Turned Wisdom Into Wealth

It took me a year and a half to figure this out! 

But once I unlocked this secret, I’ve never looked back. 

In the past three months:

  • I’ve sold over 500+ courses online, which means I have 500+ women who are in my world who want to learn from me.

  • Plus, I’m having consistent 5 figure months, and my biggest month in December of 17K! 

  • And the best part, I’m feeling so creatively fulfilled and free. 

  • I’m finally living out my life purpose, beyond being a mom and wife. 

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HOW I turned my

wisdom into wealth

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Hi, I’m Shaheen!

I knew I wanted to help women see their potential, just like a coach I had hired did for me. So at 47, I took the leap of faith and decided I would go full time into coaching Despite mountains of doubts and uncertainties, I landed my first client and started a journey that has been nothing short of transformative. Now, I want to share my journey with you, so you can see it’s possible for you too!