Nail Your Niche 3 Day Challenge

welcome to the free 3 day challenge!

LEARN HOW TO Niche & Find your dream clients IN 3 DAYS

for the brand new coach

If you are dreaming of becoming a coach as you approach midlife, but you aren’t sure who your ideal client is or how to “niche down”, join me for this free 3 day challenge where you’ll get clarity and direction so you can find and sign your first clients!

Free 3 Day Challenge: Tuesday – Thursday, September – 5-7
@10am PST each day

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 For the woman who wants to pivot and change careers, and is dreaming of becoming a coach!

I have been in your shoes. A brand new coach. Nervous but so excited to become a coach! I was 47 years, no clue what I was doing, nor was I sure who my ideal client was nor how I would ever find my niche! So I scrambled and tried everything for the first year and half until I figured it out! Now I have a thriving, growing coaching business working with clients I am madly in love with!

I’ll share with you the exact steps to find your ideal clients and your “niche” so you don’t have to spend years frustrated, spinning and wasting time and comparing yourself to others!

You’ll learn the exact steps:

  • I took to get clear and find my ideal client - who I know I can help and I love working with

  • How to niche down based on your gifts, passions and purpose!

  • How to speak to your ideal, soul mate clients so they are lined up to hire you when you open your offers!

Free 3 Day Challenge: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, September - 5-7 @10am PST each day


I knew I wanted to help women see their potential, just like a coach I had hired did for me. So at 47, I took the leap of faith and became a coach. Despite mountains of doubts and uncertainties, I landed my first client and started a journey that has been nothing short of transformative. Now, I want to share my journey with you!

Becoming a coach has been one of the most transformative, healing, deeply fulfilling journeys I have ever been on!

I have over 25+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, and I have several masters including an Executive MBA. I’m a mama to 3 near adult sons and married over 20+ years…so I’ve been through it! It is my intention and desire to give women in midlife the confidence, the tools and the steps to become thriving, money making coaches!