EPISODE 38: Secrets to Conquering Social Media Anxiety

March 5, 2024

I’m Shaheen
Your midlife business coach, here to help you start your very own online coaching business and scale it to multi 6 figures!
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Join Shaheen on this empowering journey through the latest episode of the Midlife Business Coach Podcast, where we dive deep into the transformative world of social media for new coaches.

As Shaheen shares her insights amidst Southern California’s rare rainy backdrop, she brings to light the common hurdles that many face—perfectionism, fear, and self-doubt—and how these can halt progress before it even begins. But, with Shaheen’s guidance, learn how to overcome these blocks and embrace the ease and excitement of creating an online business that’s fueled by passion, not grind.This episode isn’t just about social media tips; it’s a call to action for midlife women ready to break norms and forge new paths. Shaheen shares personal anecdotes and the collective wisdom of her program, Wisdom to Wealth, to illustrate how our generation is uniquely positioned to redefine success.

With the entire world accessible from the comfort of our homes, the possibilities are endless.Discover why now, more than ever, is the time to own and share your gifts with the world. Shaheen passionately discusses the paradigm shift in how we work, leveraging modern technology to build impactful, fulfilling businesses that resonate with our deepest passions. She demystifies the process of starting, focusing on the joy and service of sharing our journeys online.

By the end of this episode, you’ll feel inspired to make your first social media post, see it as an act of service, and embrace the potential of your online coaching business. Shaheen offers not just strategies but a mindset shift that turns fear into power, allowing us to step into our roles as online coaches confidently. It’s more than a podcast; it’s a beacon of hope and encouragement for anyone at the crossroads of fear and ambition, reminding us that it’s our time to shine. So, let’s do this together.

Tune in, get inspired, and remember—your story matters, and it’s time to share it with the world.

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