The Recalibration

It’s time to release the shame, guilt & embarrassment of past disappointments & failures..

Recalibrate to become the empowered woman who trusts herself, and is ready to go after her dreams, without worrying about what others think!

Join me for
The Recalibration – A 3 Day Workshop
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How did I go from getting fired from a 6+ figure job ….
to transforming my past and creating a career that I absolutely love?

And from identifying and experiencing so much shame that I thought I would never move past it…
to becoming a happy, successful coach and healer, helping women find their personal power?

And, really, how did I defy the odds when everyone thought I was crazy not going back to a 9-5…
to earning a beautiful, thriving income, playing as much tennis as I like, and being a wife and mom in love and not bored with her life?

I released the shame and guilt and set myself free.

I decided to stop beating myself up. I released the shame and created new space and compassion for myself. I decided that my life was going to be different and I set new goals.

I made the decision that the Universe would be there for me, and I would trust, and be open to receiving it’s signs and guidance!

I broke it down into 4 steps!

I want to teach you how to experience this freedom!

This is for you if …

⚛︎ You are afraid of feeling disappointed, or disappointing others?  Worried about what your neighbors think?  Fearful of what your family will think of you?

⚛︎ You are so in your head that you are paralyzed and don’t know what you should do?  You can’t take action because you are replaying a potential tape loop of fear, failure and shame in your head.

⚛︎ The fear of being embarrassed has you stuck.  

⚛︎ You tell yourself stories of how it didn’t work in the past, so it surely won’t work now.  

⚛︎ You have a self-sabotage program and would prefer to not try and stay the same, than try and fail (maybe you would even succeed!)

In this program, I’ll teach you these 4 steps to set you free to fly (and how to stop being so hard on yourself):

How to reset and recalibrate your energy and personal power when you experience shame, failures and disappointments in life so you can move forward not feeling embarrassed and like a failure. You won’t have to worry about what others think of you any longer! This will give you so much courage and compassion for yourself to keep going and go after your dreams.

How to identify the shifts and strategies that need to be taken to get you to your next level. Here, we set your energetic goals and intentions so you have an action plan of how to get what you want.

How to open yourself up to receive the prosperity you desire. So often we are givers .. and it’s hard to receive. I will teach you how to step into feminine energy and receive what wants to come to you … all the manifestations you have dreamed.

How to reframe your story in an aligned and empowered way so you can draw strength and be proud of yourself, because life hasn’t always been easy but you aren’t going to let that get in your way. We turn your story into your superpower.

Stop letting your fears of failing, fears of what others think of you if you fail – keep you from taking the next step towards your dreams.

Imagine… what if you could…


  Heal and release past disappointments (ex. Flopped launches, difficult relationships, failed businesses, trauma) that are holding you back, because you have such shame and embarrassment around it. 

  Really decide that you do want to change!  That you do believe it’s possible for you ….that you can and are worthy to receive the magic, the abundance, the gifts that you desire  (it’s not just reserved for a lucky few!) 

  Get ready to receive … I’ll teach you the mindset and energetics on how to stay open to receive what you have been working towards.

  Tell a new story and change the way you think about yourself …. Because if you don’t, you will keep playing small and safe, limiting your chances.  

I’m here to tell you will learn all these things!
You will leave the workshop feeling empowered, more confident, seen, supported, without breaking the bank and making a huge time commitment.

Join me!

It’s time to stop feeling so bad about yourself and take big, bold moves!

The Recalibration Workshop

Tuesday, November 8 @ 11am PST
Monday, November 14 @ 12pm PST
Friday, November 18, 9am PST

Cost: $97
* lifetime access

What you get:

  1. Lifetime access to 3 modules (they will be released as we go)

  2. Worksheets + Journal Prompts inlcuded!

  3. Activations & Meditations & Hot Seat Coaching

  4. If you can’t attend live, don’t worry you’ll have immediate access to the replay via the course portal, and an email.

  5. Once you purchase the course and you’ll be directed to a membership site that will contain all the info and Zoom link.

  6. Any questions – contact

Hello my dearest,

I’m Shaheen, an empowerment coach and energy healer.

I specialize in coaching women through personal revolutions so they can lead extraordinary lives and businesses.

I remember the “me in 2019” (hot freaking mess!) and it’s why I am so passionate about Empower. I don’t want you to burnout and hit a scary dead-end that literally stopped my life in its tracks.

I want you to have the support and guidance that you deserve so I created a low-cost experience that is just for you. You don’t have to break your bank account to get soul aligned coaching, nor commit to anything long term!

It’s my dream to teach you the gorgeous energetics, mindset, confidence, and how to get into alignment with the divinity that is yours, so you can watch all your desires manifest into your life.

Sharing the client love! ❤️

Over the course of 3 sessions, I went from incredibly ill, fearful and paranoid about my relationship – to totally fine, confident, and I fell back in love with my partner.

I’m so grateful for her loving guidance and support. I suggest anyone dealing with strong emotional charges and fears, love yourself enough to work with Shaheen. She has the magic touch with me

—Amelia Leon Harris, Author + Conscious Business Developer + Mentor

You have given me a ton to process, and deeper insights about what is next for me in my soul evolution. First, is an understanding of what my soul has been grappling with over multiple life times. And how this has spilled into my current lifetime. I don’t understand how you tapped into this wisdom, yet that isn’t as important as how meaningful it is for me.

—David M, California

Working with Shaheen Plunier is pure satisfaction! She is calm, non-judgemental and thought-provoking; with an aim to lead you to solutions right for you, in/at this time. She helped me identify patterns and re-prioritized elements in my life for more overhaul, balance, happiness and effective productivity.

I often refer back to the concepts she introduced to me. The perspective she offers has been a game-changer in my life. Book your sessions now!

Agnes Baddoo, Stylist and Designer, CEO of Agnes Baddoo

Be open to rapid change, spontaneous healing and a compassionate loving container that Shaheen holds with profound presence and impeccability. Prepare for the blessing her offering bestows.

-Julia, Mystic & Shaman

In Shaheen I have found a sage guide whose calm demeanor and honest approach helped me open up my heart and find within myself the strength to achieve the transformation I sought in my life, but lacked the courage to pursue.

Since beginning my sessions with Shaheen, I have already made great strides towards achieving my goals with much success. With that has come a peace of mind that has been lacking in my soul for some time now.  I have begun a new journey in my life and I owe much of the force behind that transition to Shaheen!    

—KB, Creative Director, Artist, Photographer, Author

I am ready to recalibrate to a new level of confidence.

I am ready to recalibrate to a new level of confidence.

I am ready to recalibrate to a new level of confidence.