Draft – The Seven Secrets to the Prosperous

What if you could quantum leap your revenue to 10K, 20K, 50K + months – t0 whatever your wildest dreams are?

Join me in The Seven Secrets to the Prosperous Habit, a complete money, abundance & energetics makeover that creates massive change in how you see and receive wealth, and allows you to quantum leap to your money goals!

 Let’s do it!

Are you ready to master The Seven Secrets to the Prosperous Habit, a magnetic wealth consciousness that gets you to you consistent 10K, 20K, 50K+ months faster than you could have dreamed?

You are here for a reason.
It means you are ready and willing.
It means you are in the EXACT right place to become the most prosperous version of you.

You see, the problem is …

You are watching women kill it online …

  • They are bringing in 100k – 500k and beyond a year.

  • Stay at home moms.

  • Women who have changed careers and are new coaches.

  • They are launching courses, signing 1:1 high ticket clients.

You wonder what they have that you don’t?!

  • You are trying to do the same. 

  • You follow “their formulas.”

  • Creating offer after offer.

  • Posting, making reels, trying to sell in the DM’s.

  • But you aren’t selling out.  

  • You aren’t even hitting multi-four figures, much less 5 figures with your courses, clients, FB groups!

It’s depressing as hell and it’s killing your motivation and spirit.

You know you should be further along, but you are stuck. You are feeling “less than.” It’s stealing your confidence.

I know how it goes, I’ve been there too, until I figured out how to step out of that “rat race” and find my own “rhythm.”

I’ve cracked the code in how to create and maintain a Prosperous Habit that allows me to hit 10K+ months and beyond.

I am so excited to share it with you!

I’ll show you the secret habits to propel you to your revenue goals and beyond!

The beauty is, once you learn the steps, you make integrate it and make it your own.

Introducing your 21 Day Transformation

The Prosperous Habit

This 21 day daily change program will dramatically shift your money mindset, so you can manifest all your goals and dreams, no matter where you’re starting from or where you want to go!

Create a habit of prosperity for all areas of your life. Your money. Your business. Your happiness. We all know it takes 21 days to create a habit, and once you got it, it’s yours to use for the rest of your life.


Let’s take a look at Angie Starr, and how The Prosperous Habit transformation has created an unshakable foundation that has allowed her to hit her money goals!

 Case Study:

Angie Starr, owner of The Bespoke Edit. Photographer. Online Course Creator was ready! Yes!

But she was stuck and couldn’t seem to take the next “needed” steps in her business.

But she showed up and applied the lessons, even when she didn’t feel like it … She hit her 10K mark y’all! It’s just amazing what can happen when we stay open and are willing to change, rearrange and shift our beliefs.

  • Her numbers before the Magnetic Money Mindset Program

  • Her numbers after the Magnetic Money Mindset Program

 This is just an example of what the Prosperous Habit Transformation can do for your business!!!

To be noted: Angie was soooooo ready. She believed in herself. She showed up everyday. For herself. For her business. Even when she didn’t feel like it. She didn’t give up!

 This could be you … don’t believe that inner voice that is telling you that you don’t have time, nor the energy to create a new habit, to shift your mindset.

You can make the time.

You can make it work.

I’ll show you how.

I am going to help you.

You don’t have to do this alone.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, how small, how large, or how desperate you may feel. You can’t create nor enjoy prosperity if you don’t have The Prosperous Habit. This is a new of thinking, feeling and being.

Some may call it manifestation, money mentality, or abundance mindset. It can be ALL of those things!

But here’s how you get there …

It all boils down to mindset HABITS.

Intentional ACTIONS.

And an identity SHIFT!

The thoughts you think every day over and over about money.

. The aligned actions that you take!

The thoughts you think about yourself

It’s about shifting our energy. Raising our vibration. Creating and maintaining an unwavering belief in ourselves and the Universe.

How do you create more prosperous habits?

How do you create an unwavering belief in yourself?

How do you keep your eyes on the prize, even when your monthly goals are not so great?

How can you create your own money mindset that allows 10k months, 100k quarters and million dollar years?

The Real Truth!

Success in the online business world is 80% mindset, 20% aligned action.

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to learn and create the same mindset that ALL successful entrepreneurs have?

The secrets of a Prosperous Habit.

Imagine if you could learn the secrets to…

  • Hit your 10K, 20K, 50K months and beyond regularly?

  • Create a foundation of confidence so unshakeable that you no longer hold yourself back with waves of doubt, questioning and disbelief.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others (the thief of all things), and be genuinely happy for their success, knowing there is enough for everyone to go around?

  • Get rid of that stomach ache over money (you know the one) that happens when bills pile up or a big unexpected expense comes in.

  • Stop feeling fear around money and finally have fun with the energy around it.


I’m here to help you the way I have helped so many others to achieve their 10K+ months!

It’s all about our changing our habits:

You see, here’s how it works:

The way we think which affects the way we feel ➾ which affects the way we act ➾ our strategies, etc. These habits control our have 100% control over our bottom line, and our ability to earn the money we desire.

 Let me guess! You have already tried …

‍♀️ Dabbling in meditation

Listening to podcasts on manifesting & business

✨ Creating multiple dream boards

️ Repeating affirmations

Reading books on achieving your dreams

All the things!

… and while you may feel inspired for a couple of hours or days,what happens in between these moments of clarity?

You fall back on the old thoughts and patterns that drag you back into your survival mode called life.

You see….our brains want to keep us safe.

Our brains create fear and the fear wants us to believe it’s possible for others to make money online but not us!

Our fear keep us from doing the scary things that bring in actual money!

And we become stuck! Frustrated. Discouraged. We work even harder but nothing changes. It’s so depressing we want to quit…and some of us do, just before the dream is about to come true!

I’m here to show you a better way!

Over the course of 21 days, you’ll receive a new gift. A new skill. A new habit. Each day’s habit will build upon the next. I want it to be fun to work on your Prosperity Habit!

I created the Prosperous Habit, to teach you how to create a mindset to manifest your income goals.

Inside the Prosperous Habit, we will create a brand new habit about how we think, feel and act …
Our money potential
Our business

I am going to give you the tools you need to feel better and wealthier, so you can take the action steps necessary in your business – with full belief, high vibration and aligned strategy to hit your money goals!

Here’s how we are going to make the next 21 days a game changer for you.

This is what is included in your 21 day transformation :


Week One

  • Getting Clear On Who is Running Your $10K Month Show

  • What Lights You Up

  • Envisioning and Embodying Your Best Self With Very Specific Journaling Prompts

  • Guided Meditations and Videos


Week Two

  • Getting Unstuck

  • Clear Blocks That Are Preventing You From Moving Forward

  • Reprogramming Your Brain With Positive Thoughts

  • Make Space In Your Life For Growth and Financial Freedom for your $10K Months!


Week Three

  • Raise Your Vibration by Learning This Secret

  • Steps to Manifesting the Right Way

  • Creating New Mindsets While Overriding Negative Thoughts With This Hack

  • Taking Inspired and Aligned Actions For Your 10K Months Even Though You Feel The Fear

This step by step transformation is valued at $297 (priceless really!)
But it’s yours today for only $27!

 By taking these 21 specific steps in this order, I have seen my clients’ glass $$$ ceilings being shattered from this transformation.

You will witness your transformation unfold each day! I’m so excited for you!

Let’s not forget the bonuses! 

Free membership to our Prosperous Habit FB Group where we:

  • Celebrate our wins together!

  • Share our discoveries, tips and tricks.

  • Support each other if we are struggling.

  • Join a community of women entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to rise and manifest together!

Four Total Transformation Lists to accelerate your progress. I want to provide you different ways to stay inspired and in full belief of your potential. These are my all time favorites:

  • Affirmations

  • Favorite Transformative Books

  • YouTube videos

  • Most impactful podcasts

Here’s the deal!

I have mastered the Prosperous Habit and have applied it in multiple industries including high-end retail stores, luxury men’s clothing branding + production, corporate finance and my coaching and healing business!

It has allowed me to hit my money goals, consistently.

I want you to reach your milestones consistently too.

First we work on our mindset.

Next we create new habits.

Aligned actions follow suit.

Your success is sure to follow.

This becomes your Prosperous Habit, a new way of life, a new way of being.

Hi there, I’m Shaheen!

I’m a certified mindset and business coach, mentor and energy healer.

Running your business online business isn’t for the weak hearted, and we can lose ourselves when we constantly compare ourselves to others or when our numbers aren’t where we think they should be! It’s so easy to become quickly discouraged. I have been there and it sucks.

With over 25 + years of entrepreneurial success and corporate experience, two masters degrees – an Executive MBA and a Masters of Art in French, and plenty of certifications, and not to mention – mom to three boys, I have juggled it all, hit all the blocks, and figured out the formula for success multiple times in different industries!

But there’s one common trait that I have found. And it’s my personal mission to share with you how our mindset, vibration and aligned action has everything to do with our prosperity, money, success and happiness!


  • Own your own business and want to reach your first 10K, 20K, 50K months.

  • Have an inner knowing that you are capable of reaching your goals.

  • Have been working on reaching your goals but don’t feel inspired nor motivated.

  • Want to understand the energetics and frequency of making money.

  • Struggling to believe in that you are worthy, smart enough and capable of being 6 figure business owner!

  • You know what you need to do, you just need help staying on track!

  • You feel like there isn’t enough wealth, clients, business to go around.


Transformation loves action.

Success loves action.

Action is the cure to so many things.

This program is for the action takers.

No one’s mindset changes being stagnant. Because of that, I am offering an action taker’s guarantee. If within 3 days after purchase you are unhappy, please email my team at for a refund.


  • You will have access to my online learning platform (I recommend bookmarking!).

    The content will be made available one day at a time …I created this so that each lesson builds upon the next.

    We all want to jump ahead but it’s important to take our time, so we can create new ways of being and operating.

    This is not a race!

  • YES! You will have lifetime access to this! I encourage you to refer back to it as often as you can, but especially if you are getting stuck.

  • Nobody can guarantee anything!

    But here’s the deal and the beliefs you need to have:

    Belief #1: Listen, you have to believe that this will work, or else it won’t.

    Belief #2: You have to be ready to put some time in! It won’t work if you aren’t ready to “do the work!”

    Belief #3: You have to be willing to honestly look at yourself and shift, change and rearrange your beliefs!

    If you do all the things, and take your inspired actions – it will work!

  • Once you purchase the Prosperity Habit, you will receive an email with access to the FB group. Request access and I will accept you in!

    I am so excited to meet you in the group! I am there to answer any questions you have, support you, share in your victories! Also if you are struggling with anything, it is my intention to help you!

    I am sooooo looking forward to this community of women who are ready to scale their businesses and make lasting impact in the world!

  • It begins as soon as you purchase it!

    It’s a self-paced course! You will have access to Day One’s materials on Day One, and Day Two on Day Two, and so on! Once the 21 days have passed, you can access all of the information on demand.

 Imagine if you could….

Release all resistance of money flowing into your life.

Understand and embody that there is plenty of money for everyone! Erasing your previous money scarcity limiting beliefs.

Feel so worthy that making 10K+ months becomes a thing of the past! You are now looking forward to your next money goals!

Create a foundation of confidence so you no longer hold yourself back with waves of doubt, questioning and disbelief

I’m here to tell you – YOU CAN DO THIS!
It can be yours! You can have a better relationship with wealth, and move confidently towards your goals instead of desperately scrambling.

What if you could strengthen your very own Prosperous Habit in just 21 days!

 By taking these proven steps each day, true abundance will be within your reach.

Your money mindset is a muscle that needs strengthening every day. In 21 days this mental muscle will grow so strong you will have magic happening around you.

Lock in your price while you can!

(valued at $297!)

Are you ready to create a way of being, seeing, and knowing that supports you in all you desire to create?

I know you are, or you wouldn’t be here!

Let’s go with yes!

Side note:

Women in online businesses are growing faster than ever before. Many women are speeding past their husbands salaries, retiring their husbands and creating generational legacy.

More millionaires and billionaires are being created today than ever before in history.
Money has never before been such an abundant resource.
It’s never been EASIER to make money than it is today. 

You must have a Prosperous Habit and thoughts about money that are positive to allow for growth and abundance in your life! I’ll show you how.