Don’t Take This The Wrong Way Paid Workshop

A workshop to learn how to stop fearing offending people and start setting powerful boundaries that free up time, space and bandwidth for yourself.

Tuesday, November 1 @11am PST
*Lifetime Access*

For the high achieving, driven woman who knows she is meant for more!

I have been in your shoes. Successful, running my business, managing employees, taking care of clients, being a mom + wife, meeting all the demands! Pleasing everyone. Wanting to lay down some solid boundaries but too worried about ruffling others’ feathers and coming off the wrong way (b****!).

Being fearful of setting boundaries made me question myself. “Why am I doing this? For what?”

You know what I mean?

I can assure you though that by digging in, shifting our mindset and gaining clarity, setting powerful boundaries and worrying less what others think will be a thing of the past!

You never need to feel like this again!

In this one hour workshop, I’ll teach you how to:

Shift your mindset around what it means to firmly set a boundary, and how to do it with firm kindness (and not come from a reactive and resentful space.) You don’t have to feel like a b**** when you set boundaries! And you don’t have to feel guilty nor worry!

Stop fearing offending others because you will be so anchored in your truth, and self-worth that you don’t care what anyone else thinks. You set boundaries to protect your peace.

Recognize when boundaries are being crossed, and how to handle it with grace, humor and confidence. Yes this can be done!

You will be able to see and experience results immediately!

Hi, I’m Shaheen!

There was a time I was so going so fast, thinking I was superwoman, running 2 companies, mom to 3 little boys, and getting my Executive MBA. Yes I am an overachiever.

I became so resentful that I almost got divorced, and it costs us a lot of money because I burned out and we closed our family business!.

No boundaries, not a chance.

Not to oversimplify this (but it is this simple), it all changed once I understood the power of creating and implementing boundaries.

Now it’s actually addicting setting boundaries.

Here’s what changed for me –

  • I stopped caring what anyone else’s thinks anymore about my boundaries.

  • My marriage improved.

  • I started my own company.

  • I have more time with for my family and friends and playing tennis!

I want the same for you …

Sign up today!

I’ll show you how to set badass boundaries and how to stop worrying what others think!

The Details:

Cost: $37

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If you aren’t able to attend live, you’ll have access to the replay!

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

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