Don’t Take This The Wrong Way

Don’t Take This The Wrong Way!

A free workshop to learn how to stop fearing offending people and start setting powerful boundaries that free up time, space and bandwidth for yourself.

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 For the high-achieving, driven woman who knows her success and happiness depend on creating better boundaries!

How many times have you held back? You didn’t talk about what you wanted and needed because you were afraid of hurting or offending someone? Or coming across as a b*!

So you suck it up, do your best.  Accommodate some more. But it’s not working!  You are becoming resentful. Burning out. Wondering if it’s worth it. 

Listen I have been there too … Caring too much and worrying about what others think of me has gotten me into some pretty horrible situations.   Think #metoo victim in a past corporate job, not having the balls to say no to my business partner (this cost us a lot of money and wasted time!), etc … I could go on!  

All because I didn’t know how to set boundaries.  I didn’t get it.

It’s why I created and want to share this powerful one hour workshop - I want to support and empower you how to set badass, powerful boundaries without worrying about offending others or being called a bi*-

You’ll leave this workshop knowing how to:

  • Shift your mindset around what it means to firmly set a boundary, and do it with kindness.

  • Recognize when boundaries are being crossed, and how to handle it with grace, humor and confidence.

  • Care less of what others’ think because you will be so grounded in your boundaries and truth.

  • Stop being mean and rude to yourself, because you count and your needs do matter!

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