What If You Could Have A Unshakeable Confidence and Be In Total Alignment With Your Launch and Your Mission, Without Letting Imposter Syndrome Take Over, Scared That No One Believes in Your Magic Nor Buy Your Product!?


The LUXURY OF TIME! bypass space and time – quantum healing and collapsing time ..


Hey you gorgeous entrepreneur! Your light shines bright!

Ready to create and launch your next dream product / project?Is this you?

What If You Could Have A Unshakeable Confidence And Be In Total Alignment With Your Launch. Without Leting Imposter Syndrome Take Over, Scared That No One Will Like Nor Buy Your Product!?

Even if you have tried You are trying to convince yourself that you are worthy of success and it didn’t work


You’ve done the work are ready to launch …and imposter syndrome strikes! You are paralyzed by fear of what others’ will think of you, your confidence tanks, … anxiety ramps us?

Your energetic vibration decreases and you begin to panic .. you stop believing in yourself and the magic gift you are offering to the world?

Luxury Clearings for Entrepreneurs, who want to get their launch to be wildly successful, have unshakeable confidence, and to feel in total alignment in what they ar offering to the world — without questions your worth and feeling insecure, self-doubt and blocks to making and receiving money , or pushing through without believing in themselves.

You want to impact the world, yet you feel like there’s too much noise out there, and no room for you!

You are struglling to step into your genius!

Putting yourself out there on


Are you indecisinve over what your next online offering should be?

Clearing for an entrepreneur, best to do before a launch! Or if you are stuck on the creation hamster wheel.. we can clear you for clarity and unblock your creatiivty!

You don’t believe you can have it.

You don’t feel good enough for it.

You believe something bad will happen when you get it.

You feel guilty, greedy, selfish, or wrong for wanting it.

You believe, “Things like that don’t happen to people like me.”

Or, “That’s just not realistic, I don’t come from a family or place like that.”

Or you have a lot of confusion around it.
The clearing goes deep and wide covering generating, earning, saving, spending, investing and having money.

Healing your past with money, learning to understand the energy of money, and setting new standards and paradigms for how money works for you — will transform you.

It increases your confidence and self-trust, showing you how to attract and receive more money, and to create completely new dynamics for how money works for you.

You can be blessed beyond measure, and still want more.

You can be wildly grateful, and still want more.

You can be at peace in your soul with all you have and all you’ve done, and still know there is so much left to do and everywhere to go.

You can know you are incredible and still want to improve your life or better yourself.

It’s okay to want more.

It’s okay to not be finished.

It’s okay to have barely even truly started.

It’s okay to know in your soul that you were made for more and more and more.

So, yeah, love the f*ck out of yourself. Be really proud of yourself. Give yourself all the grace in the world…

And then, tell yourself the truth about all you want.

There is more to be + have + do + embody + celebrate + relish in and enjoy.

It’s not really about resolutions. Or even goals. Or even desires.

It’s about who you want to be. The mark you want to make. The legacy you lead.

It’s about being connected to your heart and your purpose.

If you want more, I celebrate you. I honor you. I encourage you to go after and move toward all you want. No matter how crazy it may seem. (In my experience, feeling a little crazy means you’re on the right track.)

You get to have what you want. You get to design your entire life. You get to do the things you long to.
Behind every big break or breakthrough is all the moments that we added up.

The moments of deciding + acting + believing.

It adds up. Then it overflows into reality.
My soul was always speaking. My soul was always right.

And I had to get used to listening to (and trusting) her.

I had to remove the clutter between me and the God-given truth of my heart.

I encourage you to be wildly intentional when it comes to the creation of your life.

And only take in outside feedback from those who really see you, trust and believe in you, and understand the power of inner-wisdom.

Listen: People who are not you are simply not equipped to tell you how to live your life.

It’s time to stop allowing pressure, feedback, or opinions from others weigh on us.

It’s time to attract, magnetize, create, and generate our ideal life from intentionality, integrity, and love.

It’s time to attract, magnetize, create, and generate our ideal life from intentionality, integrity, and love.

It’s time to earn from our essence, teach from our truth, and cultivate it all from our core.

And generate incredible amounts of money always and continually — regardless of anything else that is or isn’t going on — because that is who we are. And who we decide to be.

It’s time to scrutinize everything by one thing, and one thing only:

What brings our Souls Alive.

In truth: Your soul is way too big to be held back.

There is no greater gift I could give you than supporting you in establishing a deeper connection with yourself.

It’s what you embody.

It’s who you choose to be.

It’s how you show up for life.

It’s how to you talk, speak, think and be.

It’s the essence, energy and expectation you hold as you make your choices, take your actions and live your life.

Tapping into the truth of your soul, and creating your desired life – regardless of what is happening in the world.

– Getting everything you want. Access a way of being, seeing, and knowing that supports you in all you desire to create.

– Clearing the energetic patterns that do not serve you. There are ways of thinking and being that will now fall away.

– Allowing your soul to come alive and lead the way. Your soul already knows. Let her lead.

– Monetizing your truth. You are perfectly, divinely who you are meant to be. Own it. Monetize it.

– Owning who you are. You are beautiful, bizarre, and brilliant. And it’s all perfect. It’s all for your good.

This is about how we think, who we be, how we show up, what we choose, and our purposeful creation of our soul-aligned lives.

It’s time to no longer allow pressure, feedback, or opinions from others weigh on us.


You cannot have a breakthrough when you are in stress …

You never come up with your breakthrough ideas, your “aha” moment when you are spinning! Stressing …. running around! You have to make space in your head to dream ..

Success to business is to get quiet


Signing on with a new coach

Need to set your intentions

Getting ready to launch

Money block clearing for entrepreneurs

Pre-business start

Starting a new project

Clearing your energy

Getting ready to build a new program have to clear out all this negative energy, get your mindset straight and make room and space for this next level!

Set the intention of a 6 figure launch

Work with me for 12 weeks …. coaching + clearing …. voxer …$5000

Guide them through their spiritually entrepreneurial journey ..

Make it stand out.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

 I am all about efficiency …

What I am offering you, I learned first for myself because I needed to heal. I experienced INCREDIBLE, FAST results.

I was shown that I could help others heal.

I combined several of my favorite, most efficient modalities to create my own signature blend of rapid transformation & lasting healing ….

I don’t want you to suffer, nor be imprisoned by your past or thinking.

I mean it when I say I want you to be free!

And so it is my dharma (life’s purpose) to share this with you.



Spiritual Response Therapy: The Clearing Session

A great taste of your spirit’s magic!
Your High Self directs the clearing for you so you can UNLOCK & UPLEVEL.

I am a clear channel facilitating for you, working with your High Self. As a channel, I go beyond time & space, what others take days/ months/ years, it takes me minutes. I practice the art of Spiritual Response Therapy.

I use my clairvoyancy to see what nobody else can, immediately and with pinpoint precision.

If you have a blind spot, I will see it. If you have a recurring pattern, I will find the source of it. Income plateau? Feeling stuck? The clearing process I lead you through works for everything.

This clears your subconscious, conscious, emotional, spiritual & soul levels ( in your Akashic Records)

People experience profound shifts, calm, power, clarity and lightness.

What happens in Spiritual Response Therapy Session (SRT)?

75 minutes
via Zoom
(sliding scale is available if needed)





For the leaders and seekers who don’t have time to spare … and you need to breakthrough in an area of your life, but can’t seem to get lasting results on your own.
I created this just for you!

We dive deep into WHY YOU ARE THE WAY YOU ARE! And we do a CLEARING. We clear negative subconscious energies /programs /past lives, etc. We create an action plan and tangible next steps for your journey, so you leave clear and grounded and with a plan created by your High Self to guide you.

The Accelerated Clearing activates and integrates it all for you.

If you’re looking for the fastest, most magical, SUSTAINABLE breakthrough, this is it.

You will receIve the breakthrough you are looking for.
This is such a special gift to give yourself! I am beyond excited to offer it!


3 hrs
(whatever you time you need, I’m not watching the clock)
via Zoom

 Commonly Asked Questions:


  • You can prepare by thinking about areas in your life you’d like to focus on during the session. Please make a brief list of challenges you’d like to address during your session. This helps set your intention and guides us in researching and clearing the energies and belief patterns that are inhibiting you from enjoying your life and relationships.

  • The Clearing is all about discovering what is holding you back – and we clear with the guidance of your High Self and Source / Spirit / God. We make sure that you are 100% open to whatever it is you are desiring to accomplish.

    The Accelerated Breakthrough includes everything in a Clearing, PLUS:

    • Mindset Coaching to help integrate and implement the changes desired.

    • Deep dives into whatever questions you may have.

    • Action steps + Strategic Plan: we create a plan with your High Self to get you to where you want to go.

  • This is a spiritual process that’s like clearing the “Hard Drive” of your soul. During each session, the related limiting beliefs and programs established in your conscious and subconscious minds are identified and researched back to the point of origin. This can be a past life, your childhood or even last week. Together, we’ll use kinesiology (a pendulum and book of channeled charts) to bypass your conscious mind and access your subconscious mind and soul records to identify and clear accumulated discordant energies from your negative past experiences. The discordant energies are then cleared from your “hard drive” and replaced with and positive programming. Your limiting beliefs are identified, removed and replaced with life-affirming truths.

  • Life Purpose: Feeling lost and blocked to your connection with Spirit and your intuitive gifts and abilities.

    Present Life Crises: Negative or limiting issues, dreams, beliefs, and blocks to positive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expressions of life.

    Health Problems: Allergies, illnesses, phobias, etc.

    Finances: Challenges and negative patterns in the area of prosperity and abundance.

    Career: Stuck or in a wrong career, or undecided what career choice to make

    Creativity: Unblock your creativity so it can flow

    Relationships: Difficult relationships with family members, co-workers, or others.

    Addictions: Recurring emotional difficulties, negative behavior patterns, or addictions.

    Sleep Issues: Night terrors, insomnia, children who can’t sleep alone or through the night.

    Marriage Challenges: Poor communication, infidelity, intimacy issues.

    Infertility: Difficulty conceiving, holding a pregnancy, fear of parenthood.

    Success: School, work, parenting, etc

    Weight: Difficulty achieving and maintaining ideal body weight

  • Plan to be alone and in a quiet space. We will meet via Zoom but I encourage you to get into a comfortable position where your focus is on your body and breath …. you do not need to stare at the computer screen. I will be talking and guiding you the entire session.

  • Please contact us within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment for any cancellations. You will be charged in full for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

 “I keep having these holy shit moments of realization. They are priceless feelings of empowerment. I can never thank you enough. I one hundred percent feel a shift.” Jeff, Santa Barbara


In such a relatively small amount of time she has supported and guided me in emerging and drawing forth that which is my deepest desires, dreams and longings. – Christine


I suggest anyone dealing with strong emotional charges and fears, love yourself enough to work with Shaheen. She has the magic touch – Amelia



These are my high level programs that require a long term commitment and high level investment of your time.


Working with me means you’re ready and willing to have everything about your life uplevel.


 Love yourself first because that’s who you will be spending the rest of your life with.



{If it is urgent, DM me on IG @shaheenplunier
& I’ll get back to you! within 24 hours}

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Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.

Make the NOW your primary focus of your life.