The Boundary Code

Hello Inspiration & Motivation! Goodbye Burnout …

What if you could manage it all and be truly present in your life, without sacrificing productivity, reputation and certainly not revenue?

Join me for The Boundary Code Workshop, an exclusive one hour workshop to guide you into your next level without overwhelm and crippling stress.

Does this sound like you?

✔ You are so passionate about your business that’s it’s all you can think about. But the non-stop preoccupation prevents you from being present to what matters most in your life.

✔ You work longer hours thinking that this will create success and more revenue, but you know this pace isn’t sustainable, and you are approaching burnout?

✔ You move too fast so you make decisions too quickly and it ends up costing you more time, more energy and money in the long run!

I know you have tried …

  • ❌ Convincing yourself it’s all okay, yet deep down you’re not happy and you know this isn’t sustainable.

  • ❌ Making time for everything and everyone in your business and life, but you are left frustrated and resentful. You can’t accomplish the important tasks that need your undivided attention, because you are so distracted and interrupted.

  • ❌ Spinning your wheels, reading books or listening to podcasts about how to better run your business and life, and although you are inspired for a while, you make changes that just don’t last.

If you answered yes to any of the above, this one hour workshop will help you create better boundaries in your business and personal life!

Introducing The Boundary Code for high-performing professionals.

Here’s what you will learn in this one hour workshop:

  • The Business Code: Create systems in your business that will help you generate more productivity, revenue and time by creating boundaries and priorities in your business.

  • The Personal Code: Create your personal strategy to destress, slow down and be present to what is in front of you and to have time and energy for doing things you love, like reading a book or exercising.

  • The Spiritual Code: Connect with your intuition to help you make better business decisions everyday that will help you manage your productivity in your business, self-regulate to lower stress, and to live your life without feeling guilty.

I want you to know – it’s not your fault!

We have been taught and conditioned by society that the harder we grind and the more productive we are, the more likely we are to succeed and the happier we will be!

Of course we love to work and we do have to put the hours in, but I’m here to challenge this old paradigm … and create a new one!

What if I told you there was a better way and you could …

  • Develop a System that Helps You Prioritize Your Productivity So You Can Create More Revenue

  • Be in Touch with Your Intuition Daily to Help You Make Business and Personal Decisions

  • Reclaim Your Power to Balance Your Personal and Business Life, and Slow Down to be Present to What Matters Most

Hi, I’m Shaheen!

I’m here to help you create your Boundary Code, so you can accomplish your business goals and reclaim your power to balance your business and personal life.

I’ve been down that fast-paced, incredibly productive, “wear many hats” road (over 25+ years worth and mom to three boys)!

It wasn’t sustainable and I almost lost everything!

It’s why I help amazing entrepreneurial women like you {driven, high performing, incredibly successful} slow down, meet yourself where you are, create boundaries that work for you, and learn to navigate life’s path towards a life that you absolutely love and enjoy.

It’s time for you to get the successful results you work so hard for in your business, without sacrificing more time, sanity and energy.

You absolutely can’t miss this if …

☑️ You are an entrepreneur or small business owner, and you are struggling with time management, getting everything done on your “to-do” list and in general, overwhelmed with it all!

☑️ You are passionate about your business and ready to take steps, make changes and shift your perspective to make your business work for “you,” not the other way around!

☑️ You are done being irritable and short-tempered with those around you!

Join me and a like minded international community of professionals and entrepreneurs!

The Boundary Code

One hour recorded workshop
The Boundary Code Workbook {fillable PDF}
Lifetime access to recording + workshop materials

 What if you didn’t have to feel overwhelmed?

What if you learned how to manage the pace of your life & how to stop your head from spinning with worry at night?

You CAN learn how to do all these things!

Kind Words From Inside The Boundary Code …

Are you ready to create your very own Boundary Code so your business and personal life thrive and flourish?