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The Midlife Business Coach Podcast

Join me in celebrating your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your dreams. Tune in and start your path to self-discovery and entrepreneurial success today.

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I help women realize their potential in midlife and turn their wisdom into wealth by becoming money making coaches.


So Cal mama to 3 boys, tennis playing, oil painter, French speaking 

I help women pivot in midlife and create a life of their dreams.

With over 25 + years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, two masters degrees and plenty of certifications, and a mama to 3 boys , I have juggled it all, worked with A list actors, rock stars, co-owned a clothing company and stores, just to name a few…

I got fired from corporate and turned what I thought was the “end of me, my life, my marriage” into the “beginning of the best part of my life.” At age 47!! Just when I thought I was tool old to start anew, I became a coach and healer. Best decision of my life, and I’m here to help you design a life and career that you love.    

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Have you ever considered pivoting and becoming a coach in midlife?

If yes, join me for my free training that you can watch right away to learn exactly what I did to get started (and what you don’t want to do!), and now I’m signing clients every month! Also comes with my Kickstart Your Coaching Journey Workbook that will get you started!

This training is what I wish I had when I started my coaching business.