Because You Deserve More: The Life Edition – draft

Because You Deserve More:
The Life Edition

How to get the best from yourself – and everyone else too …

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Join me for this powerful 6 week coaching program!

We begin the week of August 8 and finish week of September 12

Let me guess…

You make time for everyone and everything in your life, because you have a big heart and tremendous empathy for others, but it leaves you last on your list.

You procrastinate those thirty minutes of self-care that you promised yourself. And forget reading a good book uninterrupted, or even taking a walk by yourself.

You don’t ask for help when you need it because you don’t want to inconvenience anyone. You think this is what being a “good and giving” person does, but you know deep down it isn’t sustainable

You’ve wondered as you begin your day, and you look at yourself in the mirror – am I even worthy and deserving of getting what I want? Will it ever happen?

You’ve dreamed of …

  • Being the confident woman who delegates, sets boundaries, and asks for help with grace and ease. BUT, you’re still finding endless excuses to pile the endless to-do list on your plate because it’s just too awkward to ask for help.

  • Having time for yourself with no interruptions because your family, employees, and clients respect your time and availability. BUT they take their cues from you and you don’t even respect your own time and availability. So how can they?

  • Slowing down and being more present to your family and friends and appreciating the fleeting moments. BUT how can you when you can’t seem to say “NO, I CAN’T” when everyone asks for help.

It’s time to unlearn it all now.

Peel back the layers!

It’s time to define your self-worth.

You are the most important woman in your world.

Set standards and boundaries that allow you to grow and evolve.

Own your story.

Own your strengths – and your challenges.

It is ALL your authority.

Rest there.

That is your position of power.

I was the worst at speaking my truth, because I was being the woman I thought my husband and society wanted me to be. I was pleasing the wrong people.

I was so out of touch of how worthy I was. And I gave all my power over to every single person I met, because I automatically thought they were smarter than me, more successful, etc.

It used to be so exhausting.  I drank too much wine to relax!  I wanted to escape my life at times because I never let myself relax or rest.  I didn’t know how to relax, unless I was drinking wine!

I’ve always been someone who gives it 110%, and i would do anything for anyone.  

So I’d do everything.  Never delegate. Go out of my way to help everyone.  Say “yes” when I wanted to say “no!”

Every time I would find the energy to say “no” or to ask for help, I would go back to my old people pleasing ways the next day.  Whatever changes I managed to implement, wouldn’t stick.

Then, I cracked the code.

I healed my trauma

I saw how a lack of boundaries got me into this situation. 

I began seeing and believing how absolute amazing I was, with the biggest heart of gold. 

I realized that my accomplishments weren’t my identity. 

I turned my struggles into my story and authority, that is here to serve you and keep you from making the same mistakes as me!

Here’s the deal my friends …

If you desire to break out patterns of people pleasing, thinking your next level success comes at a high price, saying “yes” when you want to be saying “no,” etc …. And you are SO READY to become the most absolute greatest version of yourself – because you DO HAVE AN INNER KNOWING that you are meant for more 

I’m here to show you a better way …

One that just gets easier the more we practice, the more love and self-compassion we have for ourselves .. the more empowered boundaries we have, the more successful we become. 

A lot of people think that this sort of life isn’t possible.

Trust me you don’t have to believe that ever again. 

Once I stopped and had a hard look at my life, why I was doing what I was doing, it became crystal clear to me 

This is what it can look like to get the best from yourself, from everyone else, and your life!

  1. I realized I was in my own wayIt was only me that was “holding” me back.  Not my husband, not my family, not society.  I took full responsibility for my life.

  2. I tuned back into my intuition, that inner voice that we all have.  Because she has all the answers, and if I slow down enough and listen, it saves me so much time and money. I’m not just pushing through making quick decisions from my ego.

  3. I have ONLY been waiting on my OWN approval, my own love – for myself. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility! I have so much love and compassion for myself now – it’s been a process but it’s the most beautiful love affair I have ever had.  And my family nor my clients nor my business have had to sacrifice anything because I have put me first!

  4. My business has flourished and I’m making amazing money. My family is happier because I am happier.  I play tennis when I want to and I consciously create a life that works for me …. I have turned my rich experiences, challenges and traumas into my fertile ground upon which I coach and teach. 

If you DESIRE the same, join me for 6 weeks in
Because You Deserve More: The Life Edition and I will show you how you to get the best from yourself, from others and from life!

Claim your worth.
Redefine your boundaries.
Rest in your authority.

Here’s what we will cover!

Module 1

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Look at the stories we tell ourselves. Define who you are in the world.

Your roles
Your purpose
Your values
Your context.

Healing the wounds
Centering and grounding ourselves.

Module 2

The Paradigm Shift

The Energetics of Boundaries
Setting Boundaries

Claiming Your Space
With Self – mentally,
With Self – emotionally
With Self – spiritually
With Self – physical body

Module 3

Becoming An Energetic Match

 A deep dive of what we want our world to look like with those in your lives. Our relationships with others.

Learning to be brave with your boundaries.

Do the courageous things. 

Module 4

Your Authority Revealed

Owning your story.

Anchored in your authority.
Deep dive into your core strengths, what makes you a badass, bringing these strengths to the present moment and operating from this space.

Module 5

Show Up and Shine

Diving into our next level selves, our next level relationships.

Speaking our truth.

Claiming our authority, autonomy and freedom.

Module 6

Transformed and Tranquil

Success will have no choice but to follow you wherever you go. Showing up in the world for yourself. Making the impact. Big picture is your reality.

Here’s what you get!

  • Course dates: I’m still determining which day works best for everyone.
    6 Week Program runs: Week of August 8 – Week of September 12. We meet once a week via Zoom for 6 weeks. I teach and coach on the calls.

  • Workbooks and journal prompts to accompany each module.

  • Personalized, Custom, Tailor Made Meditations just for you!

  • Access to our Facebook group where you can discuss your takeaways, share your wins, your struggles and mastermind with your peers. I’ll be supporting you in FB too, answering any questions and cheering and celebrating you! There might even be some surprise coaching calls for you all.

  • Lifetime Access to the Course Content!!! INCLUDING ANY FUTURE MODULES when the course runs again.

To make this even juicier, the first 5 women to pay in full will receive a

BONUS 1:1 Mentoring Session with me!
55 min
A $895 value!!!
This is amazing! I cannot wait to work with you at this high – level!!!


Pay In Full

Amazing Pay in Full Bonus for first 5 women:
1:1 Mentoring Session with me!!!!($895 Value!!!)

6 Monthly Payments

6 x $195!

Imagine, in 6 weeks ….

You, but better.
The you that you’ve been waiting for.
Living your best life.
Centered and serene.

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