1:1 Mentorship and Coaching (Copy Sept 19, 2022)

1:1 Empowerment Coaching & Mentorship

For the visionaries, leaders, seekers, healers, high performing women who know she is meant for more in her life, her business, and her relationships.

 This high-level mentorship is for the woman who…

  • Desires greater success and expansion and is ready to break really old habits that keep her repeating the same, old stories.

  • Is ready to grow her life and business in alignment with what’s important to her, like flexibility and freedom.

  • Wants to wake up and operate from a place of more purpose and intention

  • Wants to have a powerful impact on the world, create a new paradigm, change the trajectory of generations to come.

  • Knows she can do it, but not sure where to start

  • Wants to make more money that gives more freedom to travel, buy whatever she likes, and pay off her debts

  • Wants to create and leave a powerful, abundant legacy

What if I told you there was a better way and you could …

  • Set powerful and solid boundaries in your personal life and in your business so it gives you freedom to take care of yourself and do what needs to be done (without worry!)

  • Heal the wounds and traumas that you know you have been carrying your whole life, and are holding you back from showing up and doing the things you need to do, to taking your business to the next level.

  • Operate and grow your life and business from an aligned, grounded, empowered place inside of you, always connected to your “purpose.”

  • Get out of your own way and get out of your head so you can be fearless and courageous, and take the “scary” next steps in your business and life!

Are you ready for your life to change?

Let’s go with yes!

Kind words from a current client

“Magic. The first word that comes to mind is magic. I felt stuck, mentally blocked, even though I knew I could do it yet I felt paralyzed. The fear of failure kept me from completing an attainable goal for nearly a full year. One session in and Shaheen unblocked so much more than I realized I was holding myself back from … I completed my goal plus more. So, magic. Beautiful magic. I can’t wait for more sessions. Unblock ALL the nonsense.”

– Summer B, Realtor, OR & WA

Your 1:1 Coaching & Mentorship Program

I will hold your vision. Your high ground. I will walk with you and guide and hold a container that is yours. We can heal what needs to be healed so you can do what you are meant to do!

We will dive into all things YOU!
What are your goals and what do you need to get you there?

  • Ready for deep transformation?

  • Do you need some mindset coaching that takes you to your next level and allows you to say “yes” to trying the big things?

  • Relationship coaching to create boundaries that give you freedom and autonomy?

  • Ready to have someone tap into your Higher Self to help you figure out what your next steps should be?

  • Ready to have someone tap into your Higher Self and clear ancestral and past and present life energies that have you stuck with money blocks, self-worth and not feeling confident enough to show up consistently online?

  • Ready to laugh and have fun with me, while creating a business that gives you personal satisfaction, financial freedom and time to spend with your family?

Are you ready?

Here’s What’s Next

Option 1: You know what you want and you are READY!

Yes! Purchase your coaching package with link below! Once you purchased the program you will then be directed to the scheduling page where you can book your first (and all ) calls with me or you can text me and we can go from there!


Option 2: If you want to chat, dm me and leave me a voice note on IG here!

Kind Words From Current Clients

 Shaheen helped me move through a vulnerable phase in my life while providing unconditional love and care. She also provided some deep insights into what was in my blindspot that helped me shift a pattern I was stuck in. I appreciate her directness to tell it like it is. She also has this amazing ability to nurture me like a loving mother (which I don’t have) and she gave me permission to be with a difficult emotional process that I didn’t realize how hard I was being on myself! I recommend working with Shaheen if you need someone to see your strengths and hold you with care and help you clear the things you can see that aren’t serving you.

— Amelia Aeon Karris, Business Consultant and Soul Guide

“Shaheen is the real deal. It was just incredible that she was giving me this information from my Higher Self. All of it 100% relevant and accurate. She helped me unblock energy and afterwards, I feel a complete shift.

—Lala, actress, model, stylist

“I often refer back to the concepts she introduced to me. The perspective she offers has been a game-changer in my life.

—AB, Stylist, Designer, Author

I’m a certified life and business coach, and advanced spiritual energy healer.

I help my clients become free! Free from the stories and baggage holding them back, free from self-sabotage, free from self-doubt, so they can literally create a life and business that takes their breath away.

It’s my mission to empower you so you can do whatever you want in your life. Even if it means changing careers, changing relationships, taking really big steps!

I have done it for myself, rising from the ashes of almost losing it all (my life, my family, being fired from my job!). I had to reinvent myself and lead myself on a deep transformation, empower myself and I’m here to help you accomplish whatever you like. If I can do it, so can you.

Hi there, I’m Shaheen!


The work that I do has come to be because of my life experience!

  • Executive MBA, Claremont Graduate University

  • Masters in French, Middlebury College

  • ICF Certified ACC Coach – 7 + years~

  • CoActive Certified Coach – CTI – CPCC – 7+ Years

  • Entrepreneur and Business Owner (co-owner of three RETAIL stores – Voted Best Store by Men’s British VOGUE)

  • CEO of FEAL MOR INTERNATIONAL, luxury menswear brand

  • Senior Client Manager for a major financial corp.

  • Spiritual Response Therapist – Certified Advanced Practioner

  • Reiki Practioner levels 1 and 2 -Holy Fire and Usui

  • Wardrobe Stylist to A-list Actors & Musicians

  • Fundraiser in Higher Education

  • Gene Keys guide

  • Law of Attraction lifetime student

  • aspiring oil painter

  • Later in life tennis player

  • Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Instructor

  • Doula

  • Childbirth Educator


  • Mama to three boys (NOW TEENAGERS)

  • Fluent in French!

And just so I’m clear …
(I don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time)

You are in the right place if …

  1. You are a visionary, business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur (you get the idea) and you are ready to shatter your own glass ceiling with success!

2. You want to stop getting in the way of your success.

3. You want to be calm and present in your personal and business life, so problems easily become solutions, and nothing phases you like it did before.

You are in the wrong place if …

  1. You aren’t ready to accept responsibility for your actions, nor ready to dive deep to make the internal changes in order to make the necessary external changes in your business and life.

2. You are addicted to being stressed and love living in drama

3. You would rather complain and be miserable instead of challenging yourself to think and act differently.

Your 4 Month Program


Here’s What’s Included in this 4 Month Mentorship:

  • 1 x Spiritual Energy Clearing (60 min)

  • 2 x 60 min calls for 4 months (8 total to be used however you like, in 4 months)

  • Text and voice message support via Voxer M – F {Me basically in your back pocket answering any questions and helping you along!)

You can also choose between two payment plans!

Details on the checkout page..

Pick which mentorship program works best for you!

Your Monthly Program


This is for the woman who might have resistance committing to a longer term container, so if that’s you – this month to month package is perfect for you. You also might only need a month to get to where you want to be!

Here’s What is Included in the 1 month mentorship:

  • 2 x 60 minutes call

  • 1 Spiritual Energy Clearing (60 min)

  • Daily Voxer Support: Basically me in your back pocket!

  • What is Voxer?

    • Voxer is a powerful voice and text messaging app that allows us to communicate in real time.

    • We use Loom to screen record and go over anything computer, tech related. And you can rewatch over and over!

You can also choose a payment plan .. Details on the checkout page..

 Common Questions

  • The Clearing accelerates your transformation as it finds the exact “blocks” and “negative energies” with pinpoint precision, that are keeping you from your goals!

    I channel your Higher Self and your Higher Self “clears” you at the subconscious mind level, Akashic Records / soul level (think quantum energy healing here!).

    From there, we replace the negative energies and blocks with positive, life affirming principles and strategies.

    It’s a complete reset, which makes the mindset coaching and strategy building a smoother process. You will then be able to accomplish your goals with your business and personal life so much faster!

  • This is a 4 month program that expires 16 weeks once we begin! I leave room for unexpected life events … of course! But it is best to be consistent to see results, as with all things in life!

  • My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds – entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, healers, artists, therapists, coaches, social workers, celebrities, models, CEO’s, executives, designers, musicians, parents … to name a few!

  • I am! I went through a rigorous ONE YEAR training with CTI: Coaches Training Institute to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, as well as being an accredited ACC coach with the International Coaches Federation (ICF).

  • We have an online calendar where you can schedule your weekly appointments or we can do it together via text or Zoom.

  • All appointments are held through Zoom. We can also do a phone call as well if that is easier for you.

  • Do you desire more success and expansion?

    Do you want more clarity in your business and personal life?

    Do you know you have an opportunity to expand your business and aren’t sure what to do next?

    Are you upset over a significant financial loss, investment or business deal gone bad?

    Are you dissatisfied with your bank account or your current lifestyle?

    Is there a conflict around money in any of your relationships?

    Do you have challenges making decisions?

    Do you have trouble knowing what’s most important to you?

    Are you questioning different career paths or dissatisfied in your work?

    Do you have difficulty saying no?

    Do you get distracted easily?

    Are you overwhelmed or confused by lots of business ideas or expansion opportunities?

    Do you feel uneasy or restless?

    Do you experience lots of mental chatter?

    Do you have any bad habits you want to break?

    Do you want to start a meditation practice?

    Do you experience a lot of stress, anxiety or tension?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a great fit to work with me!