My 30K Month

Want to know the behind the scenes of how I did it?

What I sold, how I sold, my ad costs, how much I made for each offer?

Plus you'll learn my strategy that has allowed me to 2x and 3x in 4 months!

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 I'm sharing all the juicy details - so you can see how "do-able" it really is.

Do you ever wonder how coaches hit these crazy income goals?

When I first got started coaching online two years ago, I was 47.  I had no idea how to run an online business and I would watch these young women kill it online! 20K months were the standard.  50K was the big league.  100K+ was rock star status and they seemed absolutely UNTOUCHABLE!

Flash forward to today, two year later, I just had my first 30K month!  And I want to share with you behind the scenes so you can see it's possible for you too!

The 30K Month Workshop

If you want to see the behind the scenes, you are going to want in!

+ I’ll be sharing exactly what I sold 

+ How much money each offer created (in cash?)

+ How much reoccurring revenue I generated.

+ I’ll even be sharing the strategy of how I sold each offer.

psst.  this is repeatable & scalable

I'm so in!

Yes! I want in!

I'm so in!

+ my ad strategy and numbers

I know you are ready to..

Learn the “how” of creating a 30K cash month so you can see how it’s completely possible for you. 

Seeing the behind the scenes of a business, in full transparency is empowering. It demystifies the process and allows you to see how you too can create 30K cash months in your business too.

My 30K+ Month

Join me as I pull back the curtain and share with you the behind the scenes of my coaching business that is growing really, really quickly, and how I plan to scale it! 
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Kind Words

Shaheen is a graceful badass.  She is honest and shares her gems in her courses.  If you're considering, just do it.  I did, and am grateful that I did. 


Shaheen is honest, trustworthy and genuinely committed to the success of her clients. The value she provides far exceeds the investment.



Hi! I'm Shaheen, Your Midlife Business Coach

In the past 5 months, I have sold over 1200 online courses, created a high ticket course that I am scaling and a mastermind!  I'm on track for my first multi 6+ figure year, and I want to share with you how I have done it, so you can see that it is possible for you too! But it hasn't always been like this!  I was stuck at 1.5K months forever!  I couldn't crack the code, until now! 

I know you’re ready to grow and scale you business to get to that 30K month cash.

The value of seeing exactly where the money comes from, how it all adds up, and what it really looks like to be doing a 30K cash month is priceless. My goal is to demystify the big number months for you!