Let me show you exactly how! 

Selling Made Simple

Selling Made Simple

Sales Pages That Have People Drooling Over (& Buying) Your Offer

Plus bonus training:  Reels that Bring Your Perfect Fit Clients (so you actually have people SEEING your sales page) training -Value $99 

Trainings:  $197
Regular Price $297

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If you are so ready...

  • To have a formula for writing a sales page that ACTUALLY SELLS, so you can create those masterclasses and offers when you are inspired, without it taking you weeks and feeling the dread and overwhelm that USED to keeps you stuck.

  • To feel so proud of yourself as you drink your morning coffee because you are finally making sales and growing your IG following!  All on automation!!🎉

  • Create reels and posts in a way that is easy and simple for you, so you can implement my Many Chat strategy to bring in dream clients to your email list and sell your offers!  Without you having to show up EVERY SINGLE DAY ... You'll be so happy to open you emails and see sales come through!

You know deep down...

  • You are meant to be successful. You are meant for more. 

  • You are ready to crack the code to create a passive funnel that work for you. 

  • To make sales while you sleep! 

  • You are ready to wake up to email notifications of bank deposits being made while you're having your coffee!

Imagine, finally, you have a super simply system & sales page that allows you to make passive $$. ON REPEAT!!

This workshop is perfect for you if...

  • You are a coach, healer, online service provider and the idea of writing a sales page stops you dead in your tracks, and keeps you from getting your gifts out into the world!

  • You get all in your head about what to say, how to say it, how to format that mysterious sale page! And you know you can do it, you just need someone to break it down!

  • You want to create easy simple reels but you open IG, and you shut down - because it's just too much! But you know you can master it if someone could just show you how.

Don't feel bad, you are not alone!!!

I used to feel so overwhelmed by the thought of writing sales pages. And creating reels!  It would slow my creative process down and I would sometimes never create that course or free masterclass! 

Until I decided that writing sales pages and creating reels that get attention (without dancing!) was going to be easy!  And fun!

Since I made that shift -  and created a step by step strategy -  writing sales pages has become fun, easy and quick.

I'll share with you the behind the scenes of my sales page that has allowed me to sell over 750 courses and made over 35k with one sales page! And another that made me over 10K+! In one launch.

The funny part is - I figured this all out at 48! So you aren't behind and it's not too late!

Here's What I Have Learned, Once I Decided 

Sales Pages and Reels would Be EASY!

The content and ideas came pouring out.  I stopped taking myself so seriously and it became more about how can I reach more people with my message. 

Writing sales pages gets to be an expression of my soul, not a stressful, high pressured event that takes days.

I learned to speak to the heart of my client and empower them. Show them that I could help them make their life and business easier.

Getting in Front of and Selling to my Ideal Clients Gets to Be Easy 

I figured out how to boost my winning reels (automated response to Many Chat) to grow my following and selling my courses.  Watch the "Congratulations! You made a sale!" emails come in!

 Here's What You Will Learn

How to write & format a sales page that sells out your offers!

You'll never have to guess how to write a sales page again so you can bust them out as quickly as you like.

create reels that gets you follows and clients in your dm's!

Learn how to make really simple, easy reels and how to boost them to get in front of your ideal clients!

Learn how to use many chat to set up your reels for dm's

Your clients will be able to sign up or buy your offer as soon as they get that automated DM and you'll receive that ping! You've made a sale! You'll feel like you finally figured it ou!


Selling Made Simple!
Reels and Sales Pages Workshop

Join me for a 90 minute workshop where I share with you exactly how I write and format the sales page that has sold over 750 courses, and create reels that land you clients in your DM's - all on automation! 

by the end of this workshop, you will

Make sales while you sleep, receive those bank deposit emails during lunch, and enjoy passive income

You'll speak to your clients' hearts with confidence making them excited to hit that "buy" button

Say goodbye to time-consuming sales page creation and hello to quick and easy sales page writing

Your first automated, mini funnel using Many Chat, without having to setup an ads account!

Grow your email list and sell your offers on autopilot with the "drop a COMMENT" strategy.

Create reels that capture attention, boost your audience, and lead to client DM's, sign-ups, purchases!


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Hi, I'm Shaheen, Your Midlife Business Coach.

I know what it’s like to worry about getting older and wonder if it’s too late to start your own business or change careers.

I know what it’s like to not feel confident and ready to coach. But I also know what it feels like to step into my power and to reclaim my wisdom. 

I know how good it feels sharing my experiences and knowledge with others, empowering my clients to reach their full potential.  

If you are approaching midlife, or already in it, and you are thinking of becoming a coach, and you want to grow your audience as fast as possible, join me and I’ll share all of my secrets with you. 


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